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Mudpeople live v3.0 (35 min example/practice recording)

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:29 am
by mudpeople
Finally got a v3.0 live setup that's ready to play, here's something of a taste; ... -september" onclick=";return false;

I have to warn that it starts out pretty slow, and almost proggy, before it gets down to business, I wasn't really going for a specific style (lol I dont ever now that I think of it)

This setup is almost entirely synthesized in realtime, all the synths are controllable, all the step sequencers running the synths are as controllable as the microKONTROL can manage, navigation, clip activation, channel mutes, program change m4l devices assigned to pads, Kairatune with Axis Mundi's MIDI Master arpeggiator/scaler/randomizer device on top for live keyboard playing, some automation patterns for Turnado recorded, theres even 8 extra percussion elements for live drumming synthed courtesy of Drumaxx

Ive worked for a long time towards the goal of using as few samples as possible, as much realtime synthesis as possible, with as much control as possible, with as much complexity as possible, with the tools available, and Im really excited because I think Ive reached that goal :D

This is one of the main reasons I ever started learning to make electronic music, to be able to play live sequenced sets

Now its just a matter of getting to know the controls and making more patches for everything