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The Next Whisky Bar }(live set){

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:51 am
by mudpeople" onclick=";return false;

This is the first time since developing my current 'no prerecorded loops no prearranged MIDI all synths playing live by sequencers' live setup that I made a serious recording instead of just recording my practice.

There's no names for tracks or anything, cuz theres not really any tracks, everything was created fully on the spot, including mistakes (which seem to end up sounding pretty cool).

Of course Im still practicing and still fine-tuning, and sometimes still trying to find the best synths to use (Ive got like 6 different project files with different racks of synths including one 'all freeware', one 'all Elektrostudio with a couple others' and another 'maximal modular synths for patching live'. And another with a soft-303 instead of a main lead. Currently Im playing Model E, Arppe2600, Sylenth, Synth1, and SynthiA with Stomp2 kick, Elek7roII bass and my trusty 30th birthday present AD Tattoo. Effects courtesy of Sugarbytes Turnado.

Also just today started mucking around with Looper devices on the 4 send channels (perc, basskick, synthwonk, synthclean) but still on the fence.

Re: The Next Whisky Bar }(live set){

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:36 pm
by mantis
sounds good! its so quiet yet so loud :drinks