SooSpicey - Mannafest (live)

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SooSpicey - Mannafest (live)

Post by SooSpicey » Tue May 15, 2012 11:15 pm

Played in TX at the Mannafest gathering.

enjoy!!!!! ... nafest.mp3

1. SooSpicey "Skwaaaares" [Unreleased]
2. SooSpicey "Smokey Jones" [Unreleased]
3. SooSpicey "Make a Punching" [Unreleased]
4. SooSpicey "Knuckles" [Unreleased]
5. SooSpicey "Rerun" [VA Mechanical Masterpiece - Cosmic Crew Records]
6. SooSpicey "Bananananana" [Unreleased]
7. SooSpicey "Planet Nutbrain" [Unreleased]
8. SooSpicey "Sloppy" [Unreleased]
9. SooSpicey - "Suck a Freshy" [Unreleased]
10. SooSpicey "AREEYEZEEZEEOH" [Unreleased]
11. SooSpicey "Furry Chudda" [Unreleased]

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