[10-20-12] Waater - PFC Bradley Manning Release Party

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[10-20-12] Waater - PFC Bradley Manning Release Party

Post by Waater » Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:00 pm

In Honor of PFC Manning (Bradley/Breanna). Raising the frequency as we dance in Manning's honor in hopes case as the famed whistle blower of Wiki Leaks. http://bradleymanning.org We are Bradley Manning.

http://www.mixcloud.com/waater/pfc-brad ... y-psy-mix/


Konflux - unreleased

Drumatik - Funky Forest

JOCID - Back On Business

Primordial Ooze - Fat Albert

Mubali - Organism Funk

DUST - Go Nuts Please

Anix Gleo - Voices & Footsteps

Diablos - Inferno

Hallucinogenic Horses - Sea Biscuit

Toi Doi - The Search For the Key

Drumatik - Nuclear Mutants

Antagon - Triangular

Shotu - Acai (Chris Rich Remix)

Petran - Voyager of Psychedelic States

JOCID - The Name of the Game

Electrypnose - Some Hope Left (Kabayun RMX)

Oxidaksi - Something Like That

Satori - Planetary Formation

Species - Red Spectral Skywalker

Ajja - SideWinder

Parus - 5-VEK

Limbodhi - unreleased

Para Halu - Forgotten Futurist (Live Mix)

Disco Hooligans - Darjeeling Express

System 7 - Hinotori

Annunaki - Seven Stars (encore)

Witchcraft - Overdream

oCeLoT - Caged Beast

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