On air; M.Y. Project - Secret File 64.13

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On air; M.Y. Project - Secret File 64.13

Post by Sir PsyCelot » Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:57 am

M.Y. Project - Secret File 64.13 (Live)
This file was secretly recorded on the night of saturday 6 april 2013.
1 hour Live act by M.Y. Project based in *Free Form*,
style in psychedelic trance.
https://soundcloud.com/m-y-project/m-y- ... file-64-13


Track List:
M.Y. Project - Shamanic Medicine
M.Y. Project - U_R Connected
M.Y. Project - Mapuche2
M.Y. Project - I Want To Believe
M.Y. Project - Revolution
M.Y. Project - Signs From The Gods
M.Y. Project - Alien Telephatic Language1
M.Y. Project - The Traveller 2
M.Y. Project - 96
M.Y. Project - The Lovely Darkness (v3)
M.Y. Project - What About James Brown ? (v3)
M.Y. Project - Total Control (mal de la mente)


Truth can not be hidden,
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Thanks for downloading this LIVE act !!
comments would be very welcome ;)

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