Madjester - Gooooooooooood Morning!

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Seeking connection...
Seeking connection...
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Madjester - Gooooooooooood Morning!

Post by madjester » Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:26 am

A really pounding crazy DarkPsy/Hitek/Psycore set!

Suppa Software - Select Project
Boom Boom - Doctor Bops
Conductor - KASATKA
Quantime - Kindzadza
Airbus Dimension - Select Project
Piss off - -Z- Alpha & Antagon (Featuring Cosmo)
Infomercial - Sampler
Pandemonium - Mr Hades
Aura Leta - Psykovsky
Was That a Dream? - Demoniac Insomniac
Black Hole - Insector
Signal To Noise - Extraterrestial
Human History - Metaform
Future True - Kindzadza
BlackSky - Arcek & Cosmo
Xanthotoxin - Xandoz
Mergedelica - Mergel
Chemical Equilibrium - Yaminahua
Bronenostsy Potyomkov - Osom
Raiders- Insector
No Face Just Energy - Crazy Astronauts
Rich Pitch - Kashiopathik on Galactic Dementia
Energy Vs Brain - Omnipresence

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