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March 2014 Mix: The Dark Psy of the Trees

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:40 am
by Psilocybio

Hello my friends, is great share with all of you my last Psychedelic Music Set. Is a fine selection of 12 tracks of classic and fresh Dark Psy Trance and one classic track of Forest Psychedelic trance.

The mix is made with assembled PC + Intel Core i7-4860HQ + Linux Mint 16 Petra + Mixxx software (

The tracklist:
Grim - Costa Rica (Fraktal Kaos Rec)
The Dark Face - Tales of the Evil Farmer (Brain Collapse Rec)
Parus - Luch (Moon Station Rec)
Delic Project - Sjanjna Mesecina (Kesuene Rec)
Cifroteca - Fantom Way (Moon Station Rec)
Datakult & Dejan - Abducted (Tripura Yantra Rec)
Invid Mind - Locura Espacial (A Fish 'n Trips Rec)
Gloomy Phantom vs Dra Orcon - Phantasmo (Anomalistic Rec)
Septagram - Omerta (Ektoplazm Rec)
FungPung - Faeton (Rising Sun Crew Rec)
Overdream - Rear Gear Forest Ear (Aqua Deep Music)
Simple Sample - Entre Brujos y Hechiceros (Galactic Crew Rec)
Xaman Ek - Fruto de la Luna (Phrenetic Tales Rec)

Enjoy!!!!! :psybanana: :super :drinks :P :roll :cs

Re: March 2014 Mix: The Dark Psy of the Trees

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:29 am
by Psilocybio
I want to share with you the download link for this mix.

Please support enjoying!

Best :bangin :bangin :cs