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1 hr mix for Psychedelic Transcendence on

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:43 pm
by T-T00N
hello n big namastayyyyy :super :super

this is a set for the 2nd anniversary celebration of the Psychedelic Transcendence Radio Show hosted by
Dj Boga (Maniac Psycho Pro) every Monday night.

On the mark of the anniversary Boga hosted a party in Goa where all the killer sets from the year were played over two days :axe: :axe:

so here is my set from the party which i freshly cooked for this... this one is w/o any controllers as mine has not been working and i m lil broke to but new one atm 8-) 8-) :cs :cs

:witch: :witch:


miracle's - the way to heaven / wild7
ajna vitamin - moments of silence / anomalistic
synthetic forest vs gloomy phantom (obscura anima) - knockin on hell's door / scared evil
syntrax error - x-file / twisted minds
adrenaleightor vs wrong robot - astralien sounds / evil hertz
blind ox - mr. lloiseau / triptec
knobolt - new world order / triptec
dirtyspice - culture addiction / lamat
stitch da system crash - necesarry illusions / dismal patterns
ape rape - minuszkah / cosmic crew


Re: 1 hr mix for Psychedelic Transcendence on

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:42 pm
by T-T00N
download link has been posted...

feedbackz welcome 8) 8)