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May 2014 Psy Forest Mix: Tales of the Cursed Tree IV.

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 9:38 am
by Psilocybio
Boooom!!!! :roll

My new psychedelic trance mix with only fresh tracks all released in march - april 2014 :super ,60 minutes, 16 tracks, mp3

Tha tracklist:

Freshsoil - 24th july (downloaded from soundcloud)
Cthulhu - Deep Submiter (Dark Nex Rec)
Hector Miller - Inhale Exhale (Sonic Tantra Rec)
Treant & Diplodocus - Don't phuk My Drop (Popol Vuh Rec)
Medianbrains - Infuential Antecedents (Popol Vuh Rec)
Psychederic - Birds Of Paradise (Popol Vuh Rec)
Paganorium - Def Trap (Psymoon Rec)
Surupo - Dark Saga (Dark Nex Rec)
Looney - Mind Control (Visionary Shamanics Rec)
Dogon - Never Look Back (Popol Vuh Rec)
Nibiru - Voice of the Forest (Visionary Shamanics Rec)
Atomental - The Lotus (Popol Vuh Rec)
Spagettibrain - Flying Away (Psymoon Rec)
Saw Sheild - Morjim (Sonic Tantra Rec)
Dhrupad - Civilization (Sonic Tantra Rec)
Radice - Dark Reflection (Sonic Tantra Rec)

or if you prefer you download for best quality. :bangin :bangin :bangin

Enjoy!!! :drinks :cs