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Roots of Gloom - 150 bpm Forest Psy

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 3:55 pm
by r00t
Gloomy and enchanted Forest Dark psychedelic.
I have started mixing my own stuff a few weeks ago and this is one of my first results.
Ten of my fav forest tracks, stuck together to a journey through the village-nearby woods in the dusk, just like i used to do in my childhood.
I use a 2-channel Midi-Controller and Traktor Pro as Interface, I do not use a Sync or any automatically beatmatching tools at all.
I bought this to learn beatmatching and to get a feeling of how to mix tracks together, so i may can upgrade my equipment with my knowledge in the future!
So, please enjoy and i'd love to hear some feedback of you guys!
Peace. 8) ... x-150-bpm/