tith - darkening

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The beat is born
The beat is born
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tith - darkening

Post by tith » Sat May 26, 2018 9:54 pm

includes tracks from 2017

1.Digital Abstract & Kulu - Secret Society (Goanmantra Records)
2.Hooryama - Husaria (D Noir Records)
3.Kamala - La Bruja (Sonic Tantra Records & Australiacs Records)
4.Psyshastra - Under The Ground (BackFlip Records)
5.Abducted Brain - New World Disorder (Popol Vuh Records)
6.Haryashvas - Dementum (Dream Crew Records)
7.Cosinus - Nostromo (D Noir Records)
8.Cyko - Habits (Lost In Reality Records)
9. Far-Q - Great Mystery (Sonic Tantra Records & Australiacs Records)
10. MinDelve - Darkside Mercury (Popol Vuh Records)
11.Ritual vs Sound Curious - Brainfuck (Biomechanikal Records)
12.Paul Karma - Magical Freedom (Goanmantra Records)
13.Spore - Bom Voltage (Goanmantra Records)
14.Ra Root - Dizzy Walk (Banyan Records)
15. Init Preset Rizomorf - Mother (D Noir Records)
18. Antithesis - Bad Religion (D Noir Records)


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