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tith - dark set galactic plateau@turkey2018

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:20 pm
by tith

1.Zaiklophobia - Other Dimension (Bhooteshwara Records)
2.Mandari - Privilege Escalation (Badgers Records)
3.Wider - Izera (Bhooteshwara Records)
4.Amp Swamp (Angry Luna & Dark Elf) - Liber Juratus (Ovni Records)
5.Nyama - Headgear (Bhooteshwara Records)
6.Thomas Darker - Sagittarius A (Voidoscope Records)
7.Amp Swamp (Angry Luna & Dark Elf) - Nothing But The Through (Ovni Records)
8.Yabba Dabba & Cryptophonix - Glow Worms (Badgers Records)
9.Muscaria - Wisdom Keeper (Omveda Records)
10.Leso - Maze Haze (Voidoscope Records)
11.Romedoark Meets SporeCarrier - Wrong Place & Time (Badgers Records)
12.Lah Narrad - Polar Sequence (Bhooteshwara Records)
13.Rawar - Serena (Atman Records)
14.Cocordio & Babagoon - Puff Kush (2TO6 Records)
15.Atezu - Sky Island (D Noir Records)
16.Blisargon Demogorgon - Kanka Monkey (Bhooteshwara Records)
17.Blisargon Demogorgon & Zaiklophobia - Extermination (Bhooteswara Records)
18.Goya - Remember Everything (Active Meditation Music)
19.Fobi - Can You Do It (Bhooteswara Records)
20.Antagon & Selective Mood & Nocturnes Creatures - Dust (Black Out Records)