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question about mastering

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:55 pm
by yata-garasu
hello everybody i wazz wondering who i can send my none -3db 32.0.24 bit wav. file traxx to ....... so that they can make in -3db ., or another just way to master on cd becauze i can not do it in -3db .... i know i know ........ i don't care . :p

but can anyone help me with this shit please ? :p
i can not make again becauze my pc. crashed and all my fl file's of my traxx are gone for my album ...... sooooooo i can send in the volume's db.'s that i have ...... but they are some different db ... and so they are deffinatly not -3db .......... i'f i can not make this happend .... my album will not be ...............

so that's anyway'zz for help

greetingzzz yata-garasu (the man , the muzik , the shiznit :ura )

xxxxxxxxxxx :roll xxxxxxxxxx

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:48 am
by Mandari
what do you mean mate? sorry i dont get it actually :D

need someone to master your tracks or?

this pc crash issue, im with you bro, that´s huge amount of deep shit. anyways should be no problem doin some mastering on your tracks imo.

sorry if i got you wrong, that case forget about the above hehe

pity we got not arranged doin some crazy stuff for your album together :yahoo anyways, feel free to contact me any time for mastering or any other stuff ;) it´s no problem your tracks aren´t same level ;) dont worry.

cheers and hope to speak soon again mate, hugz: stephan

ps: physical release? got that right?


feel free to send over or pm me the stuff. i´ll fix it if still an issue ;)