Which Monitor Spreaker you would suggest?

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Post by mudpeople » Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:29 am

Ive heard good things about Genelec and ADAMs, one of those 2 is what Im going for when I finally get the money.

THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO GET CHEAP. Ive heard that from many many good sources. Dont try to rush getting em if that means getting cheap ones, wait til you can afford good ones and you won't be disappointed.

Tannoys aren't bad, haven't heard anythign bad said about them, and as far as what Guitar Center has for sale, they were the best sounding.

M-Audios Ive heard less than good things about. I think of M-Audio in general as the average quality brand. Not bad but not the best. But thats just what Ive heard.

As I said I wouldn't rush to get a pair, I myself am waiting til the Genelecs or ADAMs are affordable. I think either of those is around 1000 USD for a pair or around there. Been a while since I looked....

(Ive made do with comptuer speakers and headphones for a long time til now and done alright, but Ive known for a while how much easier it would be making music if i had a pair of pro monitors)

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