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Best low-CPU vsts for streamlining live set? (and some of my

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:23 pm
by mudpeople
cut/pasted from my Isra post, Im trying to find as many low-cpu VSTs for live sets.
So, im trying to figure out which vst instruments out there use the least CPU, so I can expand my live beyond racks-of-loops=blah-plus-pad.

I would have been trying more and more from what I got, but, idk what happened to the set i was working on, it and its loops, whihc I recorded from Renoise rewired, is now gone.

Before that tho I had a refx Claw, an Angular Momentum TB-30x, and I think tweakbench's Peach, or maybe Synth1 v1.07.

THe whole reason for streamlining is that I was workign on a p4 2.6ghz, with 1gb. Originally I started out in Live 8.1.1, but it kept falling over when i tried using more than 1 vsti at a time... and Im trying to make this thing something i can play, not just arrange, I want versatility that wont go glaflop at the wrong time. So I downgraded to 7.0.3. It runs a Renoise rewired, 4 loop tracks, 3 vsts, and master fx simultaneously with less than 60% cpu on the old clunker p4. Idk how much additional cpu the rewire was using but it never went glaflop. Thats what im talking about.

But of course even having the cpu and RAM to waste doesnt mean you should, just think of how much crazier you can get with, say 5 more vsts at a time (overload? id love to find out).

Also Im trying to get a good bank of master fx that help the whole thing not just be doof doof adnauseum, so far the basic Live fx are useful but hoggish on cpu, and then tehres Glitch, which either sounds too noticable or not enough and theres no major mangling between movements. Ive got a ton of other looping, stuttering, and whatnot plugs sitting waitign for me to chant the voodoo rite and draw the veves on the microKONTROL so me and Samedhi can resurrect the live set.

And also your own tips on how to streamline live sets, make controlling them more intuitive with less room for flustration, or whatnot will be helpful.

And yes moderating peoples I understand teh mother of all thread is there, but its a long way back and anyway it catches they eye more when theres a new title, and I want results.

Dammit. ... 6ae203ff48
This is the pic of either the dead set or the previous 8.1.1 incarnation, described here

Layout inspired by Electrypnose's tut
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Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:41 pm
by mudpeople
herrr i forgot to throw these links He was so kind as to break apart the Glitch and hand out the pieces, much mroe control this way Some stuttutututtering ad loopers