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Builds and breakdowns in live set, looking for ideas

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:20 am
by mudpeople
Im curious what is commonly done regarding breakdowns, buildups, and other such things that break teh monotony and help catapult dancefloors farther and are generally just cool sounding, in a live set.

Im thinking of making some pre-arranged builds and breaks, with kick going crazy or something, so I can just trigger it and then get ready to bring in the next phase.

Id love to know other ideas, tips, whatever. Im just now setting out in this aspect...

What do you do/like/suggest?

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:03 am
i use this on ableton.

You must be careful becouse it is a good break but if you are very high or excited you can touch the glitch button so many times and the mix can go to hell!!!

You can put it in a master channel.Assign a pad to turn it on and turn it off and when you feel its ok go TO HELL!!

I use to dj sending two channel two a separated channel in a mixer. Then you have to put it on two channels assign to pads .For example if you are mixing a "funky" track such as Cosmo , Highko stuff you can be mixing two similar songs as they produce. Then you put a normal one without the glitcher, the fader is on it almost all the time.The you glicht the another channel, and you can move the fader towards the glitched track. So sound goes crazy and funky feeling.Ta ta ta pum pum (the you move the fader on the glitched track for a second a return to the normal track) eretttresst pum pum pum pum trtderterer pum pum pum pum gfsgf... (hahaha)

The other options of working with this tools is assign values to knobs so you can control things as reverse, crusher,gator,delay etc... power during the breaks.

I have started to used this becouse breackore music.And becouse sometimes darkpsy are so lineal.You must be careful becouse a lot of breaks crack the psychelic trip, donĀ“t let people travel comfortably so breaks must be choosen with care.

Another tool is the transpose tool in ableton.I lets you tranpose the song till you are crazy!!! hope you enjoy it !!!

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:03 am
by Arkoxio
you can use the dbglitch, uhbik pack ,Filter Vst and others classic (flanger, phaser, ...), but not sooo much or it sounds like circus music :poor :poor :poor

I do also automation in my vst instrument (lead) in 60%time of the Live set, to sounds different then the last gig, and i add samples with my second Midi controler connected with some Vst
all this in cubase

sorry for my english guys
(i come from far

:crazyfly )

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:52 pm
by mudpeople
Im constantly changing the instruments in my live setup, and Ive tried really hard to keep any prearranged sequencing to a minimum without becoming overly minimal or repetitious, and to be able to control and sequence as much as possible with the MIDI controller, without touching the mouse, especially without using te mouse to enter note data in teh piano roll. Ive used Renoise too long, I guess, with its hotkeys and mouse-optional intrface, to think of using the piano roll with its mouse requirement and potential to click the wrong notes, for sequencing in real-time. Ill let THesys handle patterns and odd length sequences, ClockWOrK for analog-monophonic-style, all-MIDI controlled step sequencing, and a couple Kirnu arps, one for the guitar section another for the leads.

I usually throw other fx on the Glitch chain to add a little more 'me' and de-emphasize the fact that Im using One of Those Plugins that everyone makes fun of. Also, Ive got the chained fx overlapping, crossfading and giving more options. Ive got Sugarbytes' Turnado in the center of the rack, loving that one; its like Glitch, but with individual wet/drys, shitloads more effects plus useful presets, and a great big GUI with buttons that look like candy. Very easy to get controlled Glitch-style, unique-sounding multi-fx.

At te far end f the fx rack Ive got SupaTrigga, basic stutter/reorder-er and I guess the predecessor of Smartelectronix LiveCut, it does the stutter type sound without being too in-your-face like Glitch sometimes can.

After the fx rack, Ive got Minimal Systems' Big Knob Filter set to bandpass for typical CDJ-100 type filtering, its a great free filter and doesn't color the sound significantly when active, not at all (that I can hear) when deactivated. Ive been looking for a good, easy, clean filter for the master channel that doesn't color when active and does nothing at all when deactivated, Live's AutoFilter just never does what I want, actively colors the audio, has too broad of a falloff but compensating with resonance increase makes the highs peak... What I wish for is a VST clone of Renoise's native filter with the laser-knife -48db Butterworth 8 node falloff and no resonance control or coloring. I guess the DDMF iEQ, if I recall the name right, has Butterworth 8n, and the free Engineer's Filter does too minus MIDI control (last I tried though I was using 7.0.3, Ive re-upgraded back to 8, now running 8.2.2 with teh fancy Configure function, maybe I can map it now... BRB) But what Im trying to say is the BK Filter does filter sweeps marvelously and thats one of teh main things Ive been missing, and always is good for breaks and builds.

Now I just realized teh filter would be best on the 3 sends, maybe the glitch/disto rack too... Darn ideas...