How to 'remix' vidya game moozick in 2 easy steps

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How to 'remix' vidya game moozick in 2 easy steps

Post by mudpeople » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:27 pm

1. download midi file

2. load into DAW

3. Add synths

4. ?????


I lied its 5 steps by the Monty Python count.

1, 2, 5!

I was surprised to learn just how easy it is to use midi files (often public domain or abandonware too) as templates, always knew the overclocked remix crowd had a shortcut. No way that level of 'talent' can explain the proliferation of remixed game music. To be fair there are some goodies. Mostly amateurish otaku-tinged foofraw to my ears tho.

Anyway just wanted to share that tidbit with teh world at large.

cue psytrance remixed Final Fantasy VII flood

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