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Axis Mundi MIDI rack for Live 8, ported to 7 by me

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:41 am
by mudpeople
version 0.8 of my 7.x port, awaiting testing
Axis' original 8.x version

copypasta from IZRAWWW
"this is how I use my plugin in ableton:

I make a new MIDI track, put my plugin on it, and set the I/O to "In".

I make a new MIDI track and put an instrument on it. (I do this with all my instrument channels at this point)

I set the instrument's I/O to receive MIDI from the plugin and set to "Auto".

For drum racks, I set the I/O to receive MIDI just from the arpeggiator so that I can use all the available notes. (the "Scale" portion shunts notes to the selected scale, therefore for drum racks you miss out on some notes.) I then fill up all drum rack slots with a drum sample.

I then arm the instrument or drum rack channel I wish to play with my keyboard and start rolling my face across the keys while turning assigned knobs on the plugins's rack.

When I record session view clips this way, I end up with quickly made, scale-perfect MIDI clips which I can then throw in a folder and save.

I use this plugin for everything in a track - the synths, the drums, the kick and the bass.

Oh yeah - ideally if you route all of your MIDI through this channel, you can turn Ableton's Record Quantization OFF - especially if you want to record arpeggios of 1/32 or smaller intervals.

The recorded MIDI clips will remain perfectly quantized. "
From Axis