A fairly nice Solution for Cheap Room Treatment ;)

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A fairly nice Solution for Cheap Room Treatment ;)

Post by Mandari » Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:41 am

hey guys,

i was off for some while and had to join fools of life. well, back again i found that i have written a short article about mentioned issue. i wanted to share this here on this forum too, to give you most ppl out there without the money for expensive auralex or other common gear the possibility to improve the sound of your room anyways.

well, i already posted it on isratrance, it found not that much audience, anyways, just giving it a thought should be enough to see its benefits.

here it is, sorry i will copyNpaste, anyways, im the author, thus im allowed to do it ;)

hey there,

as many of us out there dont have the money for expensive and professional room treatment, i´d like to share an idea of how we could improve our room at pretty much no costs. so this is getting kind of a clandestine technic for the poor artist ^^

ok, here we go. everything needed should be quite easy available if you got a music store nearby, a decent LINEAR PHASE EQ plugin, a DAW or sine generator of your choice, a (free) realtime FFT Analyzer, Audio Interface with good mic preamps(can be borrowed too) and some chilled beer for sure....

put the beer into the fridge and look for the shortest way to your local music supply dealer. ask them to borrow a measuring microphone like this:


just get a nice one dont forget about cables, stand etc. if you dont own some.

take your smile home and build up everything. get a beer and take a little break. i know this was exhausting ^^

now we ensure everything is plugged, check for sound and put our mic stand at our listening position. the height of the mic should be equal to the height of your ears.

what we gonna do now is taking measurements with our mic at our listening position. we got everything connected to our laptop/pc whatever with our DAW/sine generator and the FFT analyzer open.
the analyzer is going to show is the input of the mic, the opened EQ is going to show us the output of the DAW/Generator (just for the beginning, trust me, coming back to that point later ).

a sine sweep from at least 20hz-20khz is generated and played back.

no when we look at the EQ on our master output in our DAW/Generator, we see the linear signal going to our speakers. now if we check the analyzer, we´re going to see what we hear at our listening position, the output of the monitor including all reflections of our room.

i wanted you to go that way for the ones not that long familiar with music production and the technics behind, to give you a slightly better understanding of whats happening. also its a good way cause it combines the visual thing with your hearing. you see what you hear.....

now to improve this, we have to route the mic input back to our DAW, apply that EQ of our choice again, mute the track the mic input goes to, only leaving the sine sweep in the output of the DAW.
if you´ve done everything right you should be left with an EQ showing the mic input and the linear sine sweep output.

now just set up the EQ of the mic input equal to the one of the (linear) output and save the preset.

apply that preset at first on the master channel when starting a new project. dont forget to switch off for bouncing and benefit.

i hope i got no mistakes in here. anyways, should be easy to understand if you just try.

for sure the more measurements you take, the more accurate your results will be. most FFT Analyzers are able to capture and save more than one measurement in realtime.

now, this was the way for beginners. for sure one can skip the step with the EQ showing the linear output if ones familiar with these thingys.....

the beer was intended for the time of each measurement

have fun and feel free to correct me here if im wrong.

cheers, boOM

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Re: A fairly nice Solution for Cheap Room Treatment ;)

Post by Plasma Force » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:39 pm

Those microphones were used to record Amon Tobin's Album Foley Room.

They are a must have!

:P Great post bro :bangin

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