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Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:08 pm
by Shaped Canvas

I'm really interested in producing Dark Psytrance music but, to be honest, I have no single clue how to start it. I understand that I need a computer with Cubase or Reason to mix it together and master it and stuff. And I probably need something to synthesize and a drum computer. Any recommedations are very welcome! I've been in bands since I was fourteen and have been playing bass, guitar, synthesizer and drums, but when I became sixteen I was starting to prefer electronical music. Did some research in how to produce tracks, made some stuff which is stupid. I have owned a MicroKorg, a Korg EA-1 and a Roland SP-555 but couldn't get anything psyie out of it. Now that I'm twenty-two I still have no clue how to make dark psytrance.

I thought maybe someone could recommend me hardware and software it's good to get started with? It would be much appreciated!

Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:34 pm
by Plasma Force
You definately have a good start for music gear bro

Try Listening to some of your favorite psytrance tracks and copy some elements, then take your twist on them.

Pretty basic response i know, but its all in your head bro

Open up wide and release

I highly recommend opening an account at and get some sounds out there for us

Good Luck bro

Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:10 pm
by Zero-Blade
Learn how your synths work. Music is art you visualize before you materialize it, so you need to know how to create the sounds your imagination is passing you.

Watch tutorials. There's a ton of tutorials on how to do anything in any DAW over the internet, youtube is your friend. That way you not only learn how stuff works, but you also get inspiration from audio and visual stimulation.

Work. The most important part. You should put as much time as possible into creating music. In the beginning, the results might not be as satisfactory as expected, but it is the only way to progress.

For your software needs KVRaudio is always there to help.

Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:53 am
by psynthetik
MDMA (mind doctors make acid) has youtube videos showing how to make a full psy track starting from kick/bass to mastering. Good tutorials and theyre free. And learn what you have first. I did the opposite, got lots of vst's before I knew anything and did nothing but slow the process!

Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:48 am
by Shaped Canvas
Thanks for all the help guys! I'm thinking of buying myself a PC with the right specifications (and not a mac, is this a good idea?) and put Reason on it. I think I have to get accustomed to it because I always were a hardware person but software got a lot more benefits I think. I'll get a soundcloud profile and keep you up to date :).

EDIT: Did anyone notice in this video that it was actually sounding nicer when the kick was overlapping the bass? :O

Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:39 am
by Mandari
depending on your favour.

but i have to say i switched EVERYTHING to mac after few years of production with pc out of many many reasons, like f@#king blue screen issues, permission chaos etc etc.....

i actually dont know that many serious musicians working on pc. also my studies i did on hardcore multimac systems a pc would never come to in years.....

i had not a single issue with my mac and bought a second one during my studies, just because its pleasing that it did not make any single problem. it runs forever, everything is plugNplay, i cant remember that i had to install or update any f@#king drivers, thus no driver issues....

100% mac here, but if youre a nerd and know all you need to phuk around with your pc, then feel free to go for pc :D

sure many wont agree here. anyways, usually it depends on how serious your work on your stuff and for sure your budget. but just a look for mac prices ten years ago should clear the discussion. the system is ALWAYS worth it.

i know quite a lot of ppl running windows on their mac, which is for sure much more intelligent than running it in an IBM enviroment..... its stable and you can choose what to boot at startup. feel free to show me a usual pc which boots OSX without beeing a hackintosh....which most ppl are not able to build up and thus phuk up the system....



Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:18 am
by Shaped Canvas
That sounds convincing. I can't find the most ideal specifications anywhere. Maybe I'm not doing my best looking for it, but what are good and up to date specifications to begin with? I don't wanna buy myself a 1300 money mac when I actually need a 1800 money one. Like I probably need lots of RAM and stuff and a good soundcard and MIDI inputs?

Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:29 pm
by Mandari
well, whats your budget....

i tend to work with my 13" macbook, 2,4ghz dualcore, 4gigs of ram, which is usually more than enough.

hard times anything fucks up, one CAN , and i say that out of experience ^^, use the internal soundcard of the macbook/pro. ... try that with your windows system.

so.... what i try to say is..... there is no specific mac for music production. if you got the money and dont want to buy any other mac in future, id simply say get a mac pro (tower), fill it with at least two ssd (solid state drives, i WONT go into the benefits of these, pls use google and think about it), give it a nice soundcard of your choice, extend it with a dsp card of your chooice and go to the bathroom to play some around with your doodle.....

or you simply buy a mac and work with it. i dont think you will get the fan even working without using lets say a beast like bazille....

if you tend to up games onto your drives and fill your mac with a bunch of useless trash, than for sure you might get problems if you try to get everything running besides while your DAW trys to hook up everything for the 50 tracks running.....

trust me, it does not matter if you buy a mac for 1300 bucks or 1800.... theres even pretty much no difference except a few connections. if you def. NEED the plugs for lets say xpress card, which is def. a benefit, then feel free to pay the ridiculous amount of money for a 17" macbook pro to get it. but if you got that money, i´d still concider the tower fo that amount.... and if you got that money, you will def. have the money for another macbook for live too....

long term short sense.....dont get the question ^^

the soundcard will be external, so dont even think about it. it will be replaced by one of your choice. just the mac internal ones are able to save your life if your external fucks up at your gig. this is pretty much not even thinkable with an IBM laptop. theres no mac with internal midi plugs. at the end i dont know any single PC/MAC with internal ones.

maybe the answer: just go ahead, get a mac of your choice, if your interest is live and you only got 2000 bucks, this should be AT LEAST a macbook with 4GBRAM and up to date processors. dont let them fool you, theres pretty much no difference counting to me between macbook 13" and macbook pro 13".

for the rest you will be able to get a "decent" soundcard and maybe a decent midi controller. this is what i did, but i had the luck to buy my stuff while there was still novations x-station, which saved me quite few bucks that time, cause getting soundcard, midi controlls AND synth in one case for ridiculous 400€. i decided to keep my stuff mobile as possible to get no conflicts with handluggage at the airport ;) so... my equip fits a backpack incl. all cables, macbook, keys etc. at a cost of like those 2000 bucks.... just an idea ;)

another cool story would be that macbook of your choice combined with a motu ultralite. there should be still some left for a controller of your choice. anyways, would be beneficial to save money one more month if you decide to get a more expensive controller. and you def. need keys and knobs, otherwise your vst collection will not be that much of a fun :D

xcuse the novel, cheers

Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:50 pm
I only can say to you don´t be overwhelmed by the huge info you can obtain!!hahaha Sometimes when you go to an audio shop it´s probably for to find the typical shop assistant that say to you that you need a huge number of midi stuff, a really really good one mac ... Of course if they are better you will work better but maybe you may walk alone a little bit to guess what kind of midi you would like to use .A good headphones ... you just have to take a walk and read this forum that you see there are the best darkpsy producers and they just use laptop a their knowledge.... or even people that use fruity loops and maybe it´s not the most accurate software but with a good knoledge of how sound works you can use it perfectly.Just imagine the 2000 software and there are very very good tracks too....

I am in love of Ableton... becouse you are able to play live everytime... Good luck and please keep on noising!!!

Re: Psytrance Basics: What to start with?

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:43 pm
by mudpeople
Learn to use the tools, focus on learning how to make sounds, dont worry about mixing, mastering, even effects can wait til later. Once you get to know how to make the sounds you like, try stringing them together and see where it goes, I bet you'll have something cool before you realize it. Then, once you get the hang of the general structure of your music you can start translating your inner creative visions into a format the rest of us can read.

Once you get to know the basics of synthesis, learning how to use effects is prettyy intuitive. After that its not too big a stretch to get into the mixing process, or at least, the techniques of the mixing process; getting good mixdowns is less about learning techniques than it is training your ears and brain to be able to tell what techniques to use where, which is simply a matter of spending enough time working at it.

If you're determined enough and have the time and tools, you will eventually be able to sorta let the creativity take control while your conscious mind stands off to the side watching, which is how great art is made.