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how to make a kickdrum with Soundforge

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:49 pm
by maartenvandijk303
Hello triplag people

Found this on the web and thought that this would be a good place to share the info

How to make a kick drum with soundforge

1 Make a new file
2 make a sine wave -Select tools/synthesis/simple
3 Bend the pitch over time Selelct Effects/pitch/bend
4 do it again and again if you like, for psytrance the sharp sound comes from 3 pitchbends of 24 semitones for a total of a 6 octave pitch sweep range (12 semitones per octave
5 save your kick

open in your daw eq as you wish and theres a good kick
no compression needed on this kicks
i find that these kicks sound really good and clear

well good luck and have fun :drinks