Sonic Tantra/Flying Woofer - compiling now! send demos!

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Sonic Tantra/Flying Woofer - compiling now! send demos!

Post by aghori » Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:52 am

Next compilations on Sonic Tantra Records / Flying Woofer Records:

1. Progressive to Morning Feel (132 - 145 bpm) - Contact:" onclick=";return false;
2. All Indian Full on/Morning Compilation - Contact:" onclick=";return false;
3. Organic Dub / Glitch - Contact:" onclick=";return false;
4. High-Tech Compilation (170+ bpm) - Contact:" onclick=";return false;

1-3 on Flying Woofer, 4 on Sonic Tantra.

All the best fellas. Recommend you to contact these fellas on facebook and send them demos according to their preference (mp3 / soundcloud).

All Free Music Releases! :)

Quality Mastering & Promotions from
Sonic Tantra Recs:" onclick=";return false;
Flying Woofer Recs:" onclick=";return false;

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