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Forest Psytrance

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 4:02 pm
by Panoptikkum
Hello Guys!

At first I want to say to all here: Respect and thanks for your music! I love it! :yahoo

I have experience in making and Djing Tribecore and Breakcore (no worldshaking stuff). But since 6 years I'm into Psytrance as a enthusiastic listener. (I have started with Juno Reactor, Xenomorph, Bonky and Ka-Sol)

Now I wanna make "Forest-Psy" like Dohm or Atriohm for example.

My toughts on it:
- delay/autopan/flanger/phaser/reverb on just everything for the wide-space-character
- Lot of LFO
- No Sidechaining on the Kick-Bass :?: (it sounds mostly "muddy", but still good - maybe its just the arrangement or a sub-bass)
- lot of ethnic percussions, but only reserved. They don't carry the track itself.
- The focus is an "atmospheric story": No harsh, noisy leads, but a lot of short and rythmic FX-sounds and pads (like here or ); it is more a kind of Dark-Ambience - here is my problem: how I can create them? I have a lot of samples from some old Horror-Films, Nature-Sound-CDs and Games, but I have no Idea how I can make this "melting, wobbling, organic, swampy" sounds by myself. I have checked that I should to use very low octaves. Then the sounds will be more "bubbling and creepy oddslot "
Anyone knows a good Synth? I have The Native-FL stuff, Massive and Synth1. For effects I have CamelSpace + DbGlitch. Anyone have experiences with the G-Sonique-Plugins?

That are my analytics and Ideas about the sound-character, but the craft I don't understand. I would be happy about some Advices, Tutorials, Links, Books or Threads to this (the search-tool on isratrance make me silly :P )

Thanks in advance! :cheerG

And: Sorry for my bad english. I hope it is understandable :D

Re: Forest Psytrance

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:49 am
by dj_anubis
hello Panoptikkum :drinks

To be honest I never made forest psy, but I think I have some tips for you, I agree that the atmosphere is really important in this genre

I think that one of the method to create cool dark ambient sounds, is taking dark ambient sample from sample packs then try to time stretch it pitch shift it, play with its filter modulation and modulate some fx one it

I think that when you will mix it with kick and base and some percussion and other synths it will give a nice atmosphere :-({|=

another way is playing synth with low octave with a long release so the tail will be long giving you the pad thing going on, and then modulate with fx, filter, etc...

about making good ambient sounds in term of synthesis I guess a long attack and long release with some reverb & delay & fx can make it happen

one more thing, I think that in order to make the track sounds forest or darkpsy you need to have many sounds layering on each other so it will give it sound of something psychedelic or somehow chaotic :cheerG

I think the best is that you try with this ideas and upload for us a sample of what you made :bangin , or even better uploading a nice video showing us what more or less you made ;)

I hope that my ideas will help you get some results, feel free to upload samples and keep us update on your progress :ura

Re: Forest Psytrance

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:02 pm
by Panoptikkum
Thank you!

I have tried some of your tips (time stretching, pitch shifting and long release) and it sounds nice. Hope I will find the time in the next days to play a little bit.

Re: Forest Psytrance

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:27 am
by dj_anubis
cool bro :ura

and share with us your tries maybe we can help you more when we listen to it :partyman:

Re: Forest Psytrance

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:41 pm
by dj_anubis
by the way bro I sent you private message