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OPERATOR bassline (hi-tech)

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:35 pm
by pedropalermo
hello guys greetings from Brasil !This is my first post here !!! sorry if write something wrong my english is not so advanced hehehehe !!!

so, as the title says, im trying to synthesize an hi-tech bassline on ableton live 9 operator instrument.

I already modulate the ASDR, the cuff of from LOW filter and added a 2 compressor (ableton native), one with for boost the bassline and other for side-chain's with kick and added a EQ8 for cutting low and high frequency.

i get a good sound with this, but im not happy enought.... my bassline sound need more boost (i think maybe a distortion or some EQ VSTi will help)

so im here to ask you guys a way to add this boost that im looking for!!!! maybe more EQ? or a vsti?? the only problems is that im using a Ableton 64x bit version, so i need 64x bit VSTi !!

:super :super :super