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Which Hardware do I need?

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 11:36 pm
by Tetris
Hey there!

I already found some useful information on this board but now I need some tips abot which hardware I need/ should have in order to get more serious about producing darkpsy.

I started playing around with a midi editor around 10 years ego because I was fascinated by The Prodigy and wanted to do something similar, than I started to listen to Metal for a while but still tried some things with Music Maker- However it was more important for me to learn guitar at that point. For around 6 years I am working with Fruity Loops now, first doing some semi-trash hiphop beats to which I was improvising, later I got more interested at goa and for around one or two years the music I make at least sounds like goa. ;)

I didn`t really show my stuff to lots of people except for really close friends but getting more connected with the scene and more self-confident I now feel like becoming more serious about my hobby. (Learning how to use other DAWs, using samples I recorded in a better quality, listening to more and a bigger variety of music etc.)

A big problem that I have is, that I like to put lots of layers in the background of the track in order to create atmosphere, also of course I use lots of effects so my Notebook, which is pretty shit, gets problems calculating all the crazy things I want it to do. (Which means it stutters, makes glitchy noises etc. even with disabeling the stuff which doesn`t have to be processed at that moment) :rolleyes: Also, I would like to DJ a bit with Traktor, just for fun, but I want to have at least the possibility to play at events.

So if you can give me pleeeeaaaaassseee some advice on which Hardware I should have, especially CPU, RAM and soundcard. :heart: If you have any tips for me about the technical aspect of producing, especially about the whole glitch/ overprocessing thing I would be also very thankful!