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Please read at least once!

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 1:35 pm
by triplag
The usual [readme] rules:

- Do not use CAPS in the subject field (unless it's required i.e. S.P.U.D.)
- For party posts always post date in the subject field. Please use universal date format like dd/mmm/yyyy so there is no mix up with day or month:
- Make sure at least one act featuring Darkpsy experimental psy.

Date - City/Country - Party/Fest name. Example:

06/JUN/2006 - Stavanger, NOR - Psychedelic Madness

In addition:

We can help to advertise/promote/announce your upcoming psychedelic trance party if one of DJs or live acts is from Triplag family or you have official endorsement from Triplag Music record label or webradio.
- Make a post on Triplag forum (it will be upgraded to "Announcement")
- send us 468x60 banner for rotation. Banner's URL link will be pointed to the post on Triplag forum
- Make audio file advertising the party and we will rotate this file 24/7 (MP3 encode at 128kbps)