30/APR-02/MAY/10 , North Germany - Schallkonflikt Open Air

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30/APR-02/MAY/10 , North Germany - Schallkonflikt Open Air

Post by kriz » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:12 am


_ AXONIC ///

Macky Mad House Records /// /// Apurùami Records /// GOAgemein.de

The Universe is proud to unleash the most revolutionary sound experience on the market - AXONIC !
He attacks the central nervous system like no other product does,containing 3 patented ingredients including scratchy leads, deep rollin' basslines, outer space kicks, as well as a blend of hard-hitting fx & jaw-dropping samples.

_ ANTAGON /// Interzone pa /// Mind Expansion

"Antagon" is a Psychedelic-Trance Live-Act and DJ from Hamburg/ Germany. His musical journey began in the early ninetees. At the age of twelve he started to play the Bass-Guitar and played some years in a Death Metal Band. In 1996 he started to listen to Psychedelic Trance and in 1999 he started spinning CDs and Vinyl. After some years of Djing he started in 2005 to produce his own sound which leads to his current Project. Since 2006 he played on many different national and international Parties and Festivals in Europe.
In 2007, he established, together with Alpha, the Act "-Z-". "-Z-"s sound is a mixture of Psychedelic Trance with Dark Wave, Industrial and Darkpsy elements and based at around 148 - 160 bpm.

HYSTERIXX /// BloodSuckRec. ///ScaredEvilRec. /// LFP Crew

HysterixX is a Dark/Night Live Act with Beats from 150 - 200 BPM * (Twisted/Dream Psycadelic Trance & Psy Speedcore )

_ HATIKWA /// Multiplex Records /// /// Digital Frequenz Rec

Hatikwa is Thomas L. from Fürstenberg, Germany. The debut release from Hatikwa is progressive monotone styled trance with oldschool elements.Since the first bookings, the inspiration has kept coming and the sound has been developing - and now with more bookings, the developing and fine tuning of his sound still escalates in fresh monotone beats with inconspicuous atmospheric melodies.

_ MALIGNE /// Multiplex Records ///

Maligne is a one man - one machine project by Ronny Pingel aka Rypzylon. He already has marked himself as a DJ on the national sound map in Germany the last time. Now he is ready to conquer the rest of the world with his own deep and emotional psychedelic music. Maligne is known for putting a lot of effort and detailed work in every section of his compositions. He brings you a unique blend between progressive
trance with psychedelic roots and modern distorted industrial music which fits very well into Multiplex's label direction.


DUAL EFFECT /// Mystic Vision

Since 2006 two Boys Lexa and Zottel tail produce music e by which they publish her first track in 2008 on the Psychedelic Cicus Compilation. They have christened their project in dual Effect there they think the double Effect from, know, and act are.

CONNEXX /// TesseracT Studio /// Savva Records

Marcel alias Connexx born 1983, a project of the Baltic Sea coast in the north. Until 1999
at a party infected with the Psychedelic virus, he heard only Reagge and hip-hop. In 2002 he and a friend decided to produce their first beats. At the time under the name Opuntia tinker with it diligently personal Sound. Some reasons separated the both and after 4 years their decided to do his own Projects. 2006 to the Project was called Connexx."Connexx" is a connection between Partycrowd Act and the style he produce.His progressive-pumpin psytrance filled the Clubs. Influences like Lumbago, among other things, Lightsphere, Daydin and many mexican artists.

Abralabim /// DiscoValley rec.
Alpha /// Interzone pa
Algiz [click here]/// Multiplex rec./// Klangwald Crew
Simple [click here] /// ParaLunaProjekt
Lennox Syndrom /// Psy.Symphonie
Dj Zottel /// Solar Tech Records
Rypzylon /// Multiplex Rec.
Mercy // GOAgemein.de Rec. [click here] /// Schallkonflikt Chaosstepzz] /// Dark Brain Massage
PRALF /// (Stromreligion / Kiel, Happy Dude Rec. Hamburg)
Psycko /// Durchfall Crew
M.i.c.h.a // Multiplex Rec.
Dr. oguH /// Ultra Violence Rec.
AXONIC /// Apurùami Records ///
HYSTERIXX/// ScaredEvilRec. /// LFP Crew [click
MORPH /// TesseracT Studio /// Savva Records
Burner /// VuuV /// Zuendstoff Rec.
Psylowichtel /// Astralica /// Klabubears


- A big parachute with sound and chai ;o)

Chilling Algiz ///
Simple /// [


Luna Optics ///
Klangwald Deko ///
Schallkonflikt Crew ///

Location 17209 massow am see / mecklenburg vorpommern


On a small sea amidst beautiful nature and a unique floor directly on the sea, o)

Departure Robel when you come from the a19
Exit Wittstock Dosse when you come from the a24

We will describe the road properly equip her with so you can easily find us off;)


It is again this year be a shuttle service runs between the trainstation and location.

Entry fee friday to sunday // 25 €
saturday to sunday // 15 €
sunday // 10 €


Gates open from thursday to monday

Infos * Shops (food ; clothing ; accessors)
* Fire performances
* Big Sound system
* Multi Color Laser Show
* Opening Shows on 2 days
* Free Camping
* Low prices


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