27/MAR/10 UK, Nottingham - Psycle's Back

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The beat is born
The beat is born
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27/MAR/10 UK, Nottingham - Psycle's Back

Post by chilly_psycle » Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:16 pm


It's been 9 long months since our old home, Blueprint, began to fade into legend as nothing more than very fond memories. Although the closing of the club has been hard for many of us, we firmly believe that as one doors closes - several more open.

So we have been patiently waiting... Not just for any old venue, but one perfectly suitable for Psycle's special kind of psychedelic muntastic shenanigans!

So finally, we are very proud to present Psycle's union with Scruffy's Bar & Brasserie! An unlikely venue I hear you say? wait til you see what we have in store...


A new member of the Psycle's residency, we're proud to give this very talented artist the first set in the beginning of a new era!


Illuminaughty residents EE'SH will be playing a mix of Live and DJ material in there first outing in Nottingham. They have been described as the 'Harder side of Morning Full-On' (- So I bet there girlfriends are very happy ladies!)

Bad Jokes aside, we have been waiting to book EE'SH for nearly a year and a half now - so we are very proud to finally welcome them onto the decks.


***Digital A***

This Nottingham-based duo utilise Ableton Live to bring you one of the most stomping Psy/Techno/Hard Tek sets going. Certainly not one of your typical Psycle main room sets :-)


Representing the legendary Catawumpus records, we'd like to welcome Skyhighatrist to play the headline slot of the event. The Skyhighatrist sound consists of funky basslines, twisted acidic leads and luscious pads, aiming to launch listeners in to the stratosphere and trip them out. Pure psychedelic madness.

http://www.catawampus-records.co.uk/Cat ... trist.html

***Petran*** & ***Gary Normal***

Let's face it, nothing needs to be said about these hard & twisted Psycle veterans ;-)


We'd like to welcome Terrazania from the Sacred Media record label. His mind bending style of trance is the perfect thing to finish of the night!


OK - So that's got the tunes covered... We'd also like to welcome a new breed of decor artists into the Psycle fold! You can expect some brand new Enchanted woodland and Psychedelic meadow decor from a fresh faced and fully inspired team! There will probably be some smelly camo netting too ;-) heheheh

Of course, there will be the usual Pure Audio FUNktion1 Rig, Mind Bending Metempsychosis lighting & Trippy Vyrus Visuals. We'd also like to welcome back Rob Lights, our original visual artist!

To go hand in hand with Psycle's new launch - we'd love you to check out our free independent record label - http://www.psyclerecords.com

Scruffy's : http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/gro ... 380&ref=ts

It'll cost your pockets 7 of your finest English pounds - unless you fancy slapping some green make-up on and joining us as a Fairy or Goblin! Fancy dress will get you in for 5 golden nuggets! It's an obvious choice ;-)

My word, its nice to be back :-) See you all there!



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