15/MAY/10 UK - Psycle

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The beat is born
The beat is born
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15/MAY/10 UK - Psycle

Post by chilly_psycle » Thu May 06, 2010 11:14 am



Take Two @ The Art Organisation!!

Roll-up, Roll-up fairys and Goblins... It's time for the second atempt of Psycle out and about again!! (Sorry about that last one! Eek! Bit of a psychedelic car crash that one...)

If you havent been down to the Art Organisation your in for a treat - Its a massive exhibition and studio space next the station... and they've given us 2 massive rooms until 5 in the morning!

So we've got a smashin night on the cards this time around - with the creme-de-la-creme from the last party coming down and rock the venue...


A new member of the Psycle's residency, we're proud to give this very talented artist the first set in the beginning of a new era!


Representing the legendary Catawumpus records, we'd like to welcome Skyhighatrist to play the headline slot of the event. The Skyhighatrist sound consists of funky basslines, twisted acidic leads and luscious pads, aiming to launch listeners in to the stratosphere and trip them out. Pure psychedelic madness.

http://www.catawampus-records.co.uk/Cat ... trist.html


Let's face it, nothing needs to be said about this hard & twisted Psycle resident ;-)


We'd like to welcome Terrazania from the Sacred Media record label. His mind bending style of trance is the perfect thing to finish of the night!


Backing up the psy will be those talented veterans of all things bassy - the Monkeynuts Crew! Fronted by the infamous DJ Lobes... You can expect heavy heavy tunes all night upstairs.

Of course, will have all the Decor from last time, along with the incredible Pure Audio Soundsystem and Metempsychosis lights... and all this for only £5

As they say in show business.. The Show Must Go On...



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