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24-28/JUN/10, UK - Cosmo Festival

Posted: Sat May 15, 2010 11:02 am
by psyanide

Cosmo Stage - Programme
Live Acts

Arjuna (Parvati Records) Italy
AnnoyingNinjas (Mighty Quinn Records) Denmark
Alrune (Gi'wa Records) Denmark
Avalaugh (Operation Avalaugh) UK
Chameleon (Liquid Records) UK
Deviant Species (Ambivalent Records) Spain
DeepBrianfromBosis (Peak Records) USA
Dick Trevor (Nano Records) UK
Encephalopaticys (Parvati Records) Macedonia ** UK Debut**
EvsY (Faerie Dragon Records) Finland ** UK Debut**
Fractal Fungi (Indian Connection) SA
Gaiana(Blue Hour Sounds Records) Lithuania
Makadam (Sanaton Records) Sweden
Mussy Moody (Parvati Records ) Denmark
Neutral Motion (Wildthings Records ) Japan
Ocelot (Zaikadelic Records) Portugal
Puoskari (6 Dimension Soundz) Finland
Seeds Of Play (Brainwaves ) Cyprus/ portugal
Shiva Central(Audio Ashram) India
Simiantics(Puzzled Monkey Records) UK
Stereographic (Mind Funk Records / Bom Shanka Music) Brazil
Tantrix (Freak Bazaar) UK
Triphonics (Arkona Creations) Lithuania
+ A mystery Surprise Guest

DJ Sets

Akom (Black Listet Freaks ) Denmark
Arjuna (Parvati Records) Italy
Baba Bhole (Indian Connection) India
Beardy (Wildthings Records) UK
Fordy (Brainwaves) UK
FrodOhm (Yggdrassil Records) Norway
Hawaiik (Chillum Tribe) Estonia
Jibba (Psynon) UKNuky (Bom Shanka Music) Portugal
Trevor Pixie (Liquid Connective) UK
Ken (Phreex Network/Parvati Records) Japan
Liquid Elf (Little Green Planet) UK
Liquid Ross (Liquid Records ) UK
Pinky Pony (Chai-Med-Dig) Denmark
Purple Wizard (Planet Zoid) UK
Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) SA
Whichdoctor (Psynon) India
Zoolog (Parvati Records) Denmark

im not involved at all but for anyone looking to go especially if your in the uk. dont see many lineups like this here.


Posted: Sat May 15, 2010 12:18 pm
by Specter
True your last statement.
This line up in GB is far from usual :roll :Rolf

Looking very good, best of times to the ones who go :ura :bangin :yahoo