28-4-2012: *Quantum Regeneration* ~ Minneapolis, MN

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28-4-2012: *Quantum Regeneration* ~ Minneapolis, MN

Post by Samyaza » Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:00 pm

*Quantum Regeneration - April 28-29 2012

*Outdoor, 2 stage, multi-dimensional trance gathering
* 18+ w/ i.d. at front gate
*$20 (pre-sale): http://www.vitalculture.com/events/detail/1647 ...*$25 (at the gate)
*TBA private venue 1 hour south of Minneapolis

***** INIVTE ONLY!!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!!You or someone in the vehicle you travel in must be confirmed in the attending list on Facebook or if Facebook isn’t your thing, please send an email with you and your friends names to psychedelicvoyage@comcast.net (expect a confirmation email within 24 hours)

***Canned Food and Non-Perishable Food Drive !!!! We will be accepting any food donations at the gate. Donated to the Emergency Food Shelf Network (Minnesota's Free Food Bank)


As the cold, harsh landscape of the Minnesota winter gives way to the inevitable caress of the sweet summer breeze, we too, must sway with the winds in harmony of the transformation. As humans continue to master and control their surroundings through technology, the frontiers that were once so distant and incomprehensible, appear on the horizon just beyond our grasp. One day they will be closed. Nevertheless, our technology has given us a secret gift! When exploration of space comes to an end, the next generation of Human will emerge like the interference peaks of the electron wave: a superposition of immeasurable matter literally blinking in and out of existence.

This is regeneration on the quantum level! Resonating with existing unity, together we will create an atmosphere to go beyond known space and time. We can slow all vibration within your atoms to a dull hum, or excite them to some state beyond. We will swap your up-quarks with down-quarks, visit the flat-landers, rearrange the fundamental building blocks of matter and witness your own birth and death at the same time in the 4th dimension.

Welcome to the Next Phase of Minnesota Psychedelic Trance!!!

You are invited to join us for a night under the stars filled with music, dance, art, and community. The intention is to create a space where like-minded people can gather to make new connections within themselves, the world, the galaxy, or even the entire cosmos. We seek to create a unified energy field that provides all of us with new awareness and energy levels. We are futuristic tribesman, sharing in the tradition of our ancestors: the ancient cosmic dance. We dance in celebration of life, death, and everything in between. It is a celebration of the sacred, the infinite and the timeless aspects of our universe: an ideology that was lost a long time ago, but not forgotten. It is a celebration of our incarnations on this Earth at this time—and a very special time it is.

We sound-shamans are tellers of the Cosmic Story. Using technology as a calibration tool, we can represent the ebb and flow, alignment and derailment, expansion and contraction, position and superposition, vibration and tranquility, life and death of the Universe and that which gives birth to it. Let’s get a head start on the next chapter of the Human race. Gather with your sacred tribesman, the Cosmic E.G.G. collective, and make a leap into Quantum Regeneration!!!

We provide:
Outdoor venue, 2 stages complete with sound and blacklight deco, top tier music lineup, live artists, and trade vendors.

You provide:
Enough food and water for yourself for the duration of the event. Positive energy!!!(consider what you can do personally to make the event better for everyone). Trash bags, flashlights, tents.

(Psytrance,Goa,Darkpsy,Neuro,Morning Psy,Twilight Psy,Chill,Psybreaks,Downtempo,Glitch,Experimental,Liquid DnB)

Audio Navigators:

--Luuli aka Facehead *LIVE* (Anomalistic, Quantum Frog) Santa Fe, NM [Darkpsy/Experimental]

--Sanguine Mandragoa (Raleigh, NC - DI.FM) [ GoaPsy ]

--Jagno Gaia – Shoreview, MN [ PsyGoa ]

--Loom In Essence – Minneapolis, MN [ Glitchhop ]

--弱酸映画 (Weak Acid Movie) – Minneapolis, MN [ Night Psy ]

--El Chill – Minneapolis, MN [ Chill ]

--Astrolabe – Duluth, MN [ Analog psytrance/Chill Goodness ]

--Psilopsyben – Madison, WI [ Darkpsy/Neuro ]

-- Samyaza – Minneapolis, MN [ Doof/Chill/Psy ]

--Strooya – Iowa City, IA [ Morning Psy ]

--Mumukshu – Hopkins, MN [ Glitch/Downtempo ]

--Skroller – Minneapolis, MN [ Psybreaks ]

--Transiant – Minneapolis, MN [ Morning Psy ]

--BrainRaider – Mounds View, MN [ Neuro ]

-- Pistoff Christoff – Mounds View, MN [ Darkpsy/Neuro ]

--inertg - Austin,TX [ mid-down tempo/broken beat ]

--Dead Cosmonaut – Minneapolis MN [ Liquid DnB ]

--Byte Psyze – Minneapolis/Duluth, MN [ Night/Forest Psy ]

--Jaff Elation – St. Paul, MN [ Psybreaks ]

--Benktesh – Minneapolis, MN [ Psy ]

--Luminous Samael – Madison, WI [ Special Edition Techno ]

--Dark Matter – White Bear, MN [ Prog/Night Psy ]

-- Cale D – Minneapolis, MN [ Prog ]



- BY ENTERING THIS EVENT you voluntarily assume risk of serious injury or death. You are responsible for yourself and all of your belongings!!!

-LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT!!!! What you bring in you take out. yes, this includes beverage containers and cigarette butts! Help us leave the land in better shape than it was previously

--NO INS AND OUTS !!! please bring all you will need for the event (food, beverages, supplies)

-R.O.A.R. (or Right Of Admission Reserved)


-No bad vibez tolerated in the event unified energy field, no exceptions (you will be escorted to the gate and asked to leave-no refunds)

-No renegade sound systems allowed!!!

- This is a community based event, we encourage you to participate and contribute in any way you can!!! Fire spinning, art , energy, dance, knowledge !!! This is not a show and this is not a concert. You make it what it is! Do something to make this not just a party, but a psychedelic art and music community. Stand on your head, recite Shakespeare while dressed as a wallaby, show people your collection of gamma irradiated Corinian7 interplanetary stamp books. Just do something!

-The venue is approximately 60 minutes from Minneapolis on a 750 acre plot of land in a forest valley, with well-maintained grass, a creek, and trails.

- We encourage you to bring a tent. There will be many places to camp! Gate OPENS at 5pm Saturday

Cosmic E.g.g is a collective consciousness experiment with the intent of uniting the global conscious mind.

Shed your perceptions of reality and embark on a journey outside any prior imaginations.

SHUTTLE : There is a shuttle from minneapolis departing saturday and returning sunday for $20/person. Contact: Bobby B Intheplace either on facebook or at sorrytornado@gmail.com if interested.

PRESALES : http://www.vitalculture.com/events/detail/1647

:crazyfly BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! :ura

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