Sacred Initiation /|\ TEGMENTUM LIVE + INFRA LIVE MAR17,2017

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The beat is born
The beat is born
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Sacred Initiation /|\ TEGMENTUM LIVE + INFRA LIVE MAR17,2017

Post by JokerFox » Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:37 pm

Sacred - connected with God or a god or dedicated to a spiritual purpose.

Sound - sound produced by continuous and regular vibrations, as opposed to noise.

Namaste /|\

Sacred Sound is an underground label that emerged from Bangalore to promote a new dimension in psychedlic trance music.

Come join us as we celebrate the exclusive India debut of one of the most innovative & venerated acts of our time, The melting pot of the two masters..
EXCLUSIVE LIVE ACT! :ura :ura :super :super

AND!!!! 3:)

Joining them will be one of the flag-bearers of Sacred Sound, Infra who will be playing his debut India set! :ura :ura


The world debut of one of the most promising projects out there!

TZU ~ JAN! LIVE!!! :xdance


Bangalore has been on the forefront of exploring new sounds in India and representing our little city will be our very own homegrown storytellers

Abduction Investigaters & Sonik Distortion! \m/ :ura :ura

Initiation Line up!

Tegmentum - Calyptratus & Yaminahua (Interaural Records)

Infra- (Sacred Sound/Anomalistic Records)

TZU ~ JAN - ( Sacred Sound/ Anomalistic Records)

Abduction Investigaters - (Alice - D)

Sonik Distortion - (Catar/PMM)


Date - March 2017, Friday the 17th!

VENUE!!! - For a Ritual of this proportion in our hearts there is only one place that can be the stage for these magicians!
Under the watchful gaze of the ancient banyan tree.
PEBBLE, The Jungle Lounge ♥ :super , BANGALORE

* Legend has it that in times of extreme magical energy the Banyan tree has known to groove

Visuals - B1nary Fragmentat10n

Decor - SpectrAlien

Flyer Art - CuatroMack

Facebook event page -

See Y'all on the dancefloor! :witch:

:ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura :ura

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