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SER005 | Synthetic Forest - Nightshade Plants EP | OUT NOW!

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:49 pm
by MelanWastage

Artist: Synthetic Forest
Album: Nightshade Plants EP
Release Date: 29-09-2009
Catalog: SER005
Label: Scared Evil Records
Cover Artwork: Melan Wastage
Mastering: Extreme Forces
Release Text: Axis Mundi
Website: ... lants.html

01 | Synthetic Forest - Nightshade Plants | 07:21 | 143 BPM
02 | Synthetic Forest - Russian Monks | 07:12 | 147 BPM
03 | Synthetic Forest - Somewhere In The Nature | 06:35 | 150 BPM
04 | Synthetic Forest - Restless | 06:12 | 150 BPM

Synthetic Forest is one of Germany's up-and-coming dark psychedelic producers and liveacts. Having been heavily involved in the German trance scene for over a decade, two years ago, he decided to turn his ten years of experience and learning to the art of music production. This September of 2009, Synthetic Forest is releasing his debut EP, "Nightshade Plants", on German netlabel Scared Evil Records.
Synthetic Forest's music is influenced heavily by his travels and perceptions of the natural world around us all. The moods of his sounds reflect this greatly, seeming to be born to be heard in reclusive, outdoor nighttime environments. As this EP exemplifies, this artist is capable of synthesizing trance textures ranging from the minimal and atmospheric to the intense and frightening, with binding themes of hypnotic, ego-stipping vulnerability and submission to the forces of Nature herself. Synthetic Forest's style and talent paint an encompassing example of the feeling of the burgeoning German dark trance scene, and the world can expect great things from him in the near future based upon the strength of this maiden release.

Nightshade Plants
The opener track of this EP rises from above, descends from below, and meets you right in the middle. Spacious, organic dribblings add both atmosphere and acidic edge. Curtains of ethereal wails and woodland creatures illustrate shadowy scenes under the stars. Just enough hypnosis makes the bassbeat breakdowns an even more intense contrast.

Russian Monks
Picking up the pace a tad, "Monks" greets you with gutteral vocalizations amongst crisp percussion and in-your-face bass. Squishy dribblings tickle your tendons and syncopated highhats lend abstract rhythm. Later on, pads and bells drape the track's background with chillingly haunted touches. The mood has completely morphed by the end yet keeping many consistent elements.

Somewhere In The Nature
A slightly higher-scale bass underlies this peak-time dancefloor thumper. Markedly different synth sounds grace the bumpy musical terrain, punctuated by dominant snare rims and swinging high hats. This is a very busy, sinister style of a track yet very in keeping with rhythm and atmospheric mood. Plenty of dissonance keeps your neckhairs raised and goosebumps along your arms.

This older style, industrial style kickdrum sets the tone for what evolves into a cold sweat inducing, feral nighttime rocker. The intensity is downright hectic from beginning to end, climaxing with well-thought-out flow in relation to its name and the tracklist. The sound textures range from the electric to the corrosive to the inimically extraterrestrial, with waves of tension and release to boot.

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:55 pm
:bravo finally out :drinks all the best to Synthetic Forest & all crew... :Rolf



Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:04 am
by Shen (Mental Records)
Nice, go Sash, keep up the top work and go Scared Evil!!!