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EP - Meteor Burn - Equalized Bass(Blind Noise Records)

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 3:41 pm
by Sick Noise
EP - Meteor Burn - Equalized Bass

Artist: Meteor Burn
Title: Equalized Bass
Label: Blind Noise Records
Genre: Dark Psy Trance
Date: N/A
Mastering: Meteor Burn Lab
Distribution: Digital(Flac,mp3) BeatsDigital and other sites for digital download

cover: ... D=20874139


Blind Noise Records :
Meteor Burn :
Meteor Burn Lab :

Track List:

1.MeteorBurn - Automatic Weapon (8:42 min) 154bpm
2.MeteorBurn - Equalized Bass (8:12 min) 154 bpm
3.MeteorBurn - The Media (8:59 min) 154 bpm

Meteor Burn bio:

Behind Meteorburn project are Sérgio Chaves and Alexandre Ribeiro. Both electronic music lovers,they met in such an event in 2001, being influenced by the unique environment in such events and sharing countless experiences together until 2006. After those five years, they decided to combine forces to create Meteorburn Project, which has been rapidly given oportunity to divulge the project to friends, playing at private parties. Rapidly their productions have traveled around the world, and given the possibility to be featured in some of the most renowned world record labels,like, Sin Records,Goa Rec, Spliff Music, Digital Drugs Coalition, etc. With the technique acquired throughout this time, they've embraced audio masterization in their activities,having worked for well known labels like Spun Records,, Goa Records, Caffix Rec,amongst many others. Together they deliver a performance filled with strong beats, alucinating rithms and voyages, always non stop!. They finish 2009 signing for one of the most renowned party promoters in Portugal, Crystal Matrix!

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:12 pm
by mrlopz
haha culero

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