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Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:26 pm
Yo, Triplaggers!

As most solar systems are binary, we decided to release a companion, STARDUST, to accompany HYBRID EVOLUTION (tracklist here: viewtopic.php?t=5146 )on its aural and astral journey. STARDUST is a digital only EP and will be available through digital distribution (Dist Electronic, Cytopia, etc).

-1.DarkShiRe : Confidential 149 bpm 9:37

-2.Gu : Psychologically & Physically 152 bpm 7:34

-3.Mubali : Vent 152 bpm 8:00

-4.Mind Distortion System : Dark Matter 150 bpm 8:21

-5.Rawar :

-6.Mind Distortion System & Krono Psy : First of the Lycans 158 bpm 7:48

-7.Underground Directive - NL# 5 X Haze 165 bpm 6:24

But the best way to get STARDUST is FREE.

A thank you from us and the artists who contributed tracks with open hearts. How can you get STARDUST for FREE? Easy: purchase HYBRID EVOLUTION and it is yours in FLAC.

There are 2 ways to get the free STARDUST download:

1) Buy HYBRID EVOLUTION <<DIGITAL or CD>> from our webshop

At checkout: you automatically receive link to free download of STARDUST EP

2) Buy Hybrid Evolution CD through your preferred online shop. Inside CD, you will receive unique code to download STARDUST

Anyone who wants to pre-order from us directly (special price , please get in touch .

Artwork: Mario Songolou
Mastering: Mad MaxStering

Happy New Season (Spring or Autumn, wherever you are..... K Lycan