..::Biomechanix Records::..Presents V/A Mechanical Evolution

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The beat is born
The beat is born
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..::Biomechanix Records::..Presents V/A Mechanical Evolution

Post by MoKsHa » Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:50 am

Biomechanix Records is proud to Present
Artist: V/A
Album: Mechanical Evolution
Compiled by: dj Xuluq
Label: Biomechanix Records
Catalogue: BMCD006
Mastering by: Tryambaka at Big Bellies Studios @ Portugal
Format: CD Jewel case
Distribution: Beatspace & Biomechanix records Mèxico
Cover art by: Piule @ Piule studio Mèxico DF
Promotional video by: Vj Fractal terrorist
Release Date: Coming soon...

Track list:

1. – Brain access – Home edition
W. &.P. by Charlie Ohayon @ Brain access studio – Israel

2. – Shadai & T.D.R vs Feedback – Evolution
W. &.P. Jorge Malagon, Israel Cuevas & Enrique Ballesteros @ Biomechanix studio – México DF

3. – D.N.I – Freak me out
W. &.P. by Adolfo Usier Leite @ Ultravision space base – Portugal

4. – Cactus – Chemical X
W. &.P. by Avi Sakorka @ Cactus studio – Israel

5. – Kali – Atomic particles
W. &.P. Manuel Mata @ Cosmodelia Studio – Spain

6. – Sinful Reactions – Decepticons
W. &.P. by Luis & Orlando Pereira @ Sinful lab – Portugal

7. – Neo genetic – 2501
W. &.P. by Victor Kriskovich @ Neo genetic studio – Israel

8. – A.P.E – Theater Of Knowledge
W. &.P. by Eran Aharoni @ - A.P.E studio – Israel

9. – Zion Linguist – Sinister Funk (Sinful Reactions rmx)
W. &.P. Laurence Sonnenberg, remixed by : Orlando & Luis Pereira @ Sinful lab – Portugal

10. – Genetic process – Melthing killer
W. &.P. by Yakir ben @ Genetic studio – Israel

Release notes:

The mechanical evolution in the musical level is possible due to the important role between human and machine, two individuals so different yet so alike. The human combining ideas, thoughts and feelings, while adhering to the machine all of the above. This musical story had not been able to conceive without this perfect combination.

Now is the Time for Xuluq a.k.a. Feedback take command of the psychedelic ship, without forgetting the psy frequencies and focus their energy and knowledge towards the development of this new musical journey, carefully choosing the appropriate crew to crew and musical form that we ara vibrate during this fabulous spiral of frenetic pace but well-targeted to your ears ...
We also want to thank everyone who made this possible especially to all artists who are in this great compilation and also to people that's not in it so here's one off the best copilations off the year full off power and energy enjoy.
god bless psychedelic..

Info and contacts:

Big boOm ;)

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