V/A - Sun Blitz 2 Compiled By Dharma Kaya Blitz Studios

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Kalilaskov AS
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V/A - Sun Blitz 2 Compiled By Dharma Kaya Blitz Studios

Post by Kalilaskov AS » Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:02 pm

Out Now!

V/A - Sun Blitz 2 - Compiled By Dharma Kaya (Blitz Studios)

After the great success of the original SUN BLITZ release Alex DHARMA KAYA and BLITZ STUDIOS are ready to hit the planet with the worthy follow up - SUN BLITZ 2! A year has passed since the first release of the acclaimed series and BLITZ STUDIOS under DHARMA KAYA's leadership have much achieved and released in that time, among other things - the great international hit FULL SERVICE, ''the Russian-Israeli full on sound''. However, there is no stopping the now world renowned BLITZ STUDIOS crew. The Russian-Australian music giant is here to offer you another bomb - SUN BLITZ 2 aka ''THE RUSSIAN TWILIGHT SOUND''. Like the first SUN BLITZ it has the best twilight tunes packed into it, but unlike the first release SUN BLITZ 2 is 100% Russian, every single track!!! It is fair to say that there has never been an all Russian twilight VA release like that to this day! Exclusive is once again the term which nowadays runs parallel to BLITZ STUDIOS. Compiled by DHARMA KAYA with much care and expertise SUN BLITZ 2 starts lightly and gradually accelerates towards the darker side of the twilight. KALILASKOV AS and his latest sound, the X-TEAM wunderkinds, brilliant LYRIC VS SULIMA collaboration, HYSTERIA's new sound and new partner in crime, and ex-DISSOCIACTIVE's new project SORROWMURK are only but a glimpse of what you will find onboard SUN BLITZ 2. This fantastic VA can be played and listened to anywhere anytime by DJ's, party people and dancers alike, but it is most ideally enjoyed outdoors between 4 and 6 am over a big sound system… Top quality unique mastering by the IDM living legend Christopher Leary aka OCHRE from England! Do not miss out on this must-have!!!

01. Pan Psychic VS Psy Machine - Dream is Prophecy

02. X-Team - Alice in Mushroomland

03. Sonic Elysium - Water World (Lyric Rmx)

04. Lyric VS Sulima - Vibrations of Dolphins

05. Sorrowmurk - La Puerta

06. Pantomiman - Gosha 2010

07. Sorrowmurk - Muha 33

08. Hysteria VS Ninjazz - Endless Journey

09. Kalilaskov AS - Time Has No Mercy

10. Strofaria - Nightingale

All tracks have been exclusively written by artists from RUSSIA

All material selected and tested by Alex Dharma Kaya

Concept by Alex Dharma Kaya @ Blitz Studios

Mastered by Christopher Leary aka Ochre (England)

Artwork by Carolyn Quan aka GirlXboy (Australia)

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Post by psilopsyben » Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:16 pm

shouldn't this be in the "Promote & review new Dark Psy Trance" section and not the "Free Releases" section? Ya know....being as it's not free and all. :P

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Post by vic » Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:22 am

yeps Ben, it should be ;)


Gongrats with release Vadim and Blitz studio crew. Vsego nailuchego! 8)

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