Sotan - Endless riddle (LUARCD016)

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Sotan - Endless riddle (LUARCD016)

Post by lua-records » Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:26 pm

Sotan - Endless riddle (LUARCD016)



Artist: Sotan
Genre: Night Psychedelic
Label: Lua Records
Catalog N: LUARCD016
Release Date: 08 /01/2011
Format: CD available @ Lua Records website
Download: Digital stores & T.M Download Store
UPC: 932342 760994

About The Artists:
A 20 years cocktail of musical experiences resulting in a blast of modern celestial sounds.

Sotan is Sotiris Ftaklakis, a rebellious soul from the island of Rhodes, Greece.
Rebellious in times when dancing is healing and music the cure.
Always a loyal member of the electronic music scene started producing music in 2006 with an aim to offer his experiences in the electronic format that he loved.

Mother India has been the leading point in his decision to start manifesting his dreams.
The aura of the location and the people he met, loved and associated with, helped him shape his project.
His philosophy has always been to make people let loose while embarking on a colorful journey.
Sotan intention is to create music for those who know that psychedelic music is more than just a scene.

Since 2010 Sotan has releases in labels such as Shiva rec, Progress, New Era, Ambiosphere & Cubic.
Again, sotan open the doors of the musical perception, this time from Lua Records Label adopting one of the best promising works to start this year of 2011.

About The Release:
Endless riddle represents in dark yet illuminating vibes the diversity of the human mind and its reflections under a united spirit of oneness that the artist experienced during transcendental experiences in no other place than Goa.

Very Deep bass lines and atmospheres making this release to be a holy trip to the secret places of your mind and get anyone into a trace state, archive by the guide sounds of Sotan visions of forests and divinity's unveiled transcendental experiences.

Track List:

1- Thunder Trip
2- Dead People
3- Laughing Dream
4- Hindrance of Mind
5- Shadows Behind
6- Scarface
7- Creepy Vipe
8- Dark Theory
9- Day Spirits

Listen samples online:

W&P by:
Sotiris Ftaklakis Aka Sotan

Graphic Art by:
Mila (France)

Mastered by:
Kabbalien (UK/ Portugal)

Publish by:

Booking artist:

Promo Page:

By CD:


Special Thanks to:
Roussos, who baptist me, My Mom, Friends, and Lua Records, who support me in music,
George my friend who wrote me my texts and of course Anna for some names.

Lua Records 2005 / 2011

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