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Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:37 pm
by Plasma Force
Fullpower Support

Massive Peace and Respect

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Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:21 pm
by sectioaurea
release should be next days :yahoo
soon will update with real date!
thanks for support and patience...

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:49 am
by Slavyan
Yeah, thats good news! Im watching for any infos about it and waiting it 8)
I hope this release will be the next bomb of this year. The previous bomb was an album of Secret Society for me :crazyfly

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:23 am
by sectioaurea
while we are waiting this release..should come in few days finally....
let us offer you as xmas gift our debut album argot digamma experimental chill sectio aurea side project..." onclick=";return false;

72 minuts of full live experimental HIGH Fq's slow bpm!

All infos inside!
and Merry Christmas!

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:20 am
by sectioaurea
Official Release Date: 6 January 2012!
Have a wonderful 2012!

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:34 am
by Slavyan
2 days left!! Hope that it will be the last waiting period for this release.
Getting ready to test this powerful album!!

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:42 am
by sectioaurea
Out now!!!!
available @ ... etail.aspx" onclick=";return false; ... ritas.html" onclick=";return false; ... sp?id=8964" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:23 pm
by Slavyan
Great news! Thanks! :yahoo

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:32 pm
by Nidopsog
superb album :heart: im glad to share here at triplag forum with u some of my thoughts and previews on this album expressed in a written form :pop: :robingood:

Track #1 BUONANOTTE BUONGIORNO (Good night, good day) starts with a sample of a psy warrior’s voice that can already be heard @ 00:08 philosophically contemplating ‘’Who am I’ that keeps on going with these kind of monologues and questions about 30 sec more, but also throughout almost the whole track length, creating a very dark beginning and that sets a mysterious tone of the startup track, bringing this really mystical sort of adventurous sensation accompanied by the sounds of what appears to me like an orchestral bugle in the very same beginning. That is exactly right where the ceremony begins and for only less than a minute already, going just simultaneously with that voice, the base is trance-porting us out of this space and time continuum, dimensions of reality and means of communication. :rolleyes:
The monologue continues almost till the end of this start-up session, emphasizing LE NOTTE or NIGHT side bass lines and synths that keep driving real smooth. Unstoppable ninjai, as a psy warrior who is on a quest to unleash a great mystery or secret, keeps swirling upsyde-down in between build-ups and breakdowns carefully crafted by the 4 minute... Some breaks are following shortly right after 5th minute, again for a while and in about some 30-40 seconds more, hey BUUOONGIOORNO, we r back 2 space!!! Lovely leads, textures and narratives unfold. Psy ninjai continues its epic encounters onto this journey of the inner self, in search of something. Right at 6:30 the ride seems just about to stop …bass lines start to break and slow down, they seem to be hardly kicking and to almost disappear when suddenly right then OH MIGHTY enhanced trance surfing vibes occurring right be4 the end of this first voyage at 7thmin and 7th second….till the end our soundscape is filled with all kinds of alien sound forms. I guess our psy ninjai has gone up that far in space searching for the truth …or could it be…
Track #2 VENA VERITASIn love there is the truth ….. That’s what our psy ninjai is looking for on his path. Lovely light-beaming frequencies turn the start of this magik voyage of pure sonik alchemy. Here our bass line starts crawling out from inside out already be4 the 1st min and there it jumps fierce fully at 42nd second. Drums combined with various other elements start to find their place and peak altogether by the 2nd min. Piercing frequencies and solid vibrations combined with highly kicking drums are already to be xpected after the 2nd min. Liquid kind of sounds can b heard be4 the 3rd min as if one is passing nearby a stream or so.Perhaps a stream of love? Picturesque! Bass lines start spinning and getting funky around, :reallygood: extra vibratory for a while shortly after the 3rd min, sort of jumping on these sensory frequencies that keep emanating pure love and light energies. Loving these kicks till the 5 minute and the spinning breaks that follow thereafter, creating a very lucid texture as if in a lullaby. Frequencies cannot stop beaming light, warmth and love especially from the 6th minute onward , almost until the end of the track itself……incredible work!

#3 LA MADRIThe Mothers - Mamma mia, real heavy ride and solid leads already coming 2gether by the 30th sec of the track. Carefully crafted frequencies, not so fierce fully piercing and instead, smoothly flowing bass lines in the very beginning help build perfectly symmetrical textures. Precisely integrated percussions&drums start to peak already by the 3rd minute combined with intense leads and jumping bass lines all the way; it’s a psychedelic ritual at one of its most genuine forms. Sort of flying like a butterfly & stinging like an acid bee, this heavy vibe takes you on an intense trip travelling at immense light speeds, especially when driving by the second half of the track - from 4th minute onwards, drums are taking the traveler higher and higher into the outer reaches of space – playing a game like a cat&mouse with the bass line, this drumbeat combination is unstoppably driving and full of pure energy forms. It is just like a never ending source overflowing with vibration and energy that cannot stop casting magical love spells. We are already in the 6th minute and there has barely been any break, but only a smooth ride until the end…

#4 Fending, Scia’n QuartinFendin, gimme a quarter 1/4:P :=P Starts accompanied by the what sounds like a real relaxing flute in the background. This sonic journey’s main destination is to bring any listener to those mystical levels and dimensions of psychedelic reality that can only be compared to those of a revelation. There we go right @ 2:12 - solid leads to start off a sonik voyage already filled with indescribable vibrations. Gr8ly vivid soundscapes all the way around the 5th minute, where we’ve got us some breaks for about a minute and a half, then frequencies begin building up a new narrative – and there they start setting their texture from 7th minute onwards.
:shrooms: WONDER & COLORFULL geometric patterns creating a very bubbly cosmic like atmosphere of parallel universes, a groovy (almost suomi like) bass line that lifts off around the 7th minute to keep kicking in its fashion almost till the last minute of this epic sonik voyage. Combined with user-friendly build ups and breakdowns, also with a flute like sound all the way in the background, this ride is especially crafted to bring any psychonaut safely back to Earth & is combined with excellently well-fitting sample of a man’s singing vocals and relaxing guitars to end this epic quarter of a journey.

#5 LA V – From its very beginning, that sonik story starts like a multi-dimensional rollercoaster journey in a couple parallel universes simultaneously. It sincerely does not catch my breath, though, mixing up this reggae sample totally unexpectedly and at weird times/spaces, but here the flow just keeps driving. Solid bass line, steady leads plus finely tuned frequencies are setting here to start up this multiverse voyage which amends all of its intensity and direction suddenly after 5th min. BAM A big BOooM @ 5:10 which keeps on creating universes of love …

#6 CINABRO '69 Mercury
From the first 10 sec onwards, frequencies r tuning us into these frisky bass lines creating such a lively atmosphere - loving that climbing base… Here the vibe goes as if its making a step back to build or speed up a momentum, for a little while more to drop with full motion all this bass bouncing funkiness right by the turn of the 4th min, added a bit l8r by some drums as well. It is getting high time to jump because of all the pads, kicking drums and driving bass lines integrated al2gether @ 4:07 min! By the the 5th minute oUr sonikscape is getting filled with all sorts of mathemagikal patterns and crystal effects. Soundz like the vibe is taking a break around the 6th minute and startz breaking down. The slowdown is just for a while, though, because it is being followed by enormous build-ups almost immediately as of 7th minute, bursting with all sorts of energies…So powerful and yet elegant, the flow keeps us on the hop until the very end. Real smooth landing in the end of the 9th min marked by an indefinite count-down (or rather UP)!!! Not for the easy-listeners! It is pure psychedelia in sonik alchemy presented here! :crazyfly

Pumping and pushing, the vibrational levels here have been taken to very high amplitudes. What a malicious beat it is to start and lift off with! For less than a minute, already steady base and menacing pads are initiated to trance-port us out of this time and space to another dimension. Just like a major sound particle accelerator, the masterfully crafted vibe collides all the way here and there with other sonik particles & elements that only keeps accelerating it. very sinister and sort of disturbing sequence of sound waves are to be experienced little be4 the 4th min and right at its turn – boom! There we go, ripping off the time and space fabrique.& accelerator drivers activation @ 4:48… -Copy that! -Go ahead!

#8 HYDRARGIRIUM starts off with real nice slow tempo kicking drums, a steady base, colorful synths and perfectly well matching percussions. Already by the 3rd minute the base has started driving and drums have been tactfully kicking. It’s the most slow motion track on the whole album I believe!!! And a perfect way to finalize and summarize this musical voyage also. This kind of effects, especially kicks and bass are to remain truly a trademark of Sectio Aurea distinctive style.

Conclusion: This is definitely a long-awaited psychedelic release to fine tune&raise levels of neurotransmitters, to active new brain synapses & to pair oUr thoughts and visions alike! The auditory codes reviewed above and this album presents us with allow us to see the beyond within from inside out! Amazing,Dark Prisma style mastering by GLOSOLALIA!!! Very experimental and yet intensely psychedelic at its core, In Vena Veritas blends and integrates layers of frequencies to activate our love receptors and is definitely not for the easy-listeners and SMALL HEARTED!!! It is like an ascending vibration indeed all the way! THANK U FOR THE MUSIC! \:D/ D: :fly

Links ... etail.aspx

In Love There Is Truth!

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:11 pm
by Nidopsog
^ Just got some updated info on the bpm range of In Vena Veritas .....

1. Buonanotte Buongiorno 171 bpm
2. In Vena Veritas 166.108 bpm
3. Le Madri 176.108 bpm
4. Fendin Scia''N Quartin 160.108 bpm
5. La V 176.108 bpm
6. Cinabro '69 176.108 bpm
7. Filo Rosso 170.108 bpm
8. Hydrargirium 176.108 bpm

boom Sectio Aurea

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:03 am
by Zero-Blade
Nice speed, seems everyone's been bitten by the high tech bug. :crazyfly

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:14 am
by Nidopsog
Zero-Blade wrote:Nice speed, seems everyone's been bitten by the high tech bug. :crazyfly
We r indeed bitten, Kris, but not every1,my friend.. Check out 4 some recent tunage by Argot Digamma which is to read Sectio Aurea downtempo side :)

Amazing :idea: :good:

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:06 pm
by sectioaurea
thanks a lot dido!!
:bangin :cheerG

Re: [CD] SECTIO AUREA - In Vena Veritas (Akashik Record)

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:53 pm
by steamPUNK
Zero-Blade wrote:Nice speed, seems everyone's been bitten by the high tech bug. :crazyfly
I thought high-tech was another name for cheese?? :P :=P

Nice Album!!! doesn’t sound high-tech at all to me!! :roll

Quite the contrary in fact…. very nice oldschool feel to it! 8)

GREAT JOB GUYS!!! :drinks