Fobi - "Funky Fragmented Frequencies" (MindFunk Re

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Fobi - "Funky Fragmented Frequencies" (MindFunk Re

Post by fobi » Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:47 pm

MFR 007 - Fobi - "Funky Fragmented Frequencies" Artist Album
01 – Machines [153 BPM – 6.49]
02 – Diplomatic Solution [153 BPM – 6.33]
03 – Past Time [153 BPM – 7:14]
04 – Ataro – Iranian Politics [Fobi vs. Ataro rmx] [153 BPM – 6:42]
05 – Make my Day [155 BPM – 6:35]
06 – Astrology [155 BPM – 7:19]
07 – U-Woon [155 BPM – 6:55]
08 – Land of Imagination [155 BPM – 6:27]
09 – Slnce [153 BPM – 6:01]
10 – Funky Fragmented Frequencies [155 BPM – 6:52]
11 – Operation Complete [155 BPM – 6:48]

Ladies and gentlemen, as you might sense in the very, very tips of your tingling toes right now, it’s time once more to serve up and present you another legendary masterpiece from the musical Mind Funk mansion in Amsterdam. This time we present you a fresh and fabulous new talent from Macedonia who’s freaking and frolicking about with his fantastic futuristic funkadelic flabbergasting fantasy-for-filling funky fragmented frequencies. His manic musical masterpieces are a true blessing for all those who’ve been looking for a fresh new sound in between all the mediocre and standard music being released worldwide nowadays. Fobi is a name to remember, a name that demands surrender, a name that deserves to get engraved in your stem cells and branded in your D.N.A. helix. This man stands and delivers when it comes down to popping your panties, busting your balls and cracking up your countless candida craters. His raw relentless savage sounds rip and zip cracks in the very fabric of time and space, fusing and fabricating it all back together again with a proper dose of majestic magnetizing melodies.

From the very first start you know this one’s gonna take you for a rawkin’ rollercoaster ride, so do not even try to resist that itching inner urge to turn into a backbreaking baby booming banana-loving baboon and set everything free while Fobi pushes your limits like no other. The first track gallops your gonads to bits right away and from there the whole shebang is like a wobbly wild ride in an anarchistic amusement park. Dizzy dancing and butthole bouncing is to be considered the standard reaction to his automated audio armageddon. Do not run, do not hide, it’s all for fun, a cosmic joyride, all you’re about to do is slip and slide….straight down into the rabbit hole!

There’s no chance of taking the wrong pill on this album, ‘cause every tune is a gem in itself, unpolished, pure, raw in it’s pure essence. Tantalizing turbo-tunes causing a windy wacky whirlwind up your skull, turning that grey mass up there into bubblelicious baklava & butterscotch. Superb sacred soundscapes made by the chemical chief of fine fibers and fringes of funkadelic fabricated frequencies himself. Music at the very speed of light indeed, to feed and breed your brains like weed, just the way as upon agreed….don’t you love it? This stuff is simply made to germinate your inner goofy giraffe straight into active duty, catapulted by these monstrous musical masterpieces from which there is no escape, no matter how you shift & shape, no matter being baboon or ape. This spontaneous spasmodic space-cadet is here to take over, so give in, tune in and safe the day with a brand new copy of this majestic massive monster album!

Fobi is the musical project of the genius mind of Darko Velkovski, born in 1987 and residing in the magic country of Macedonia and who expresses all his musical inspiration in his studio in the capital city Split. He started listening to his beloved psytrance around the year 1997, which was around the same time of one of the most amazing musical peaks in this specific music industry and the music from back then is still inspiring him up to the very day of today. After listening to psytrance for about 3 years, this mad mental sound-manipulator decided to kick things off himself and he started DJ-ing in the year 2000. Just a bit later (in 2002) he already had his own personal project ‘Fobi’ up and running, which definitely showed that psytrance was not a joke to this geezer. Till the day of today it has been majorly his dedication and discipline that are responsible for him writing an endless amount of mind blowing tunes. His first few songs were all written in Fruity Loops, after which he moved to more serious platforms like Logic and Cubase, which meant a major shift and move forward in the direction of producing his astonishing and innovative sounds of nowadays. His music can be described as a brilliant fusion between the more morning orientated melodies as well as the nasty sick growly noises that are so typical for nighttime psytrance. This man blends them both together in a delicious delicate mixture, which is guaranteed to propel you into an oozing orbit. Having this multitalented and mega-friendly youngster as part of our Mind Funk team surely makes us proud and wanna brag on and on and on…..but you better check out his gut-gushing release for yourself!

More info:

Release Info:
Artists: Fobi
Title: “Funky Fragmented Frequencies” Artist Album
Label: Mind Funk Records
Catalogue Nr: MFR 007
Format: CD/Jewel Case
Barcode: 8028148102143
Released: July 2011
Mastered by: Random @ Geomagnetic Studios
Distribution: Beatspace (
Artwork: Moco & Mario "Grim"
(p) & (c) Mind Funk Records

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Re: Fobi - "Funky Fragmented Frequencies" (MindFunk Re

Post by vic » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:34 pm

on air :)

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Re: Fobi - "Funky Fragmented Frequencies" (MindFunk Re

Post by Plasma Force » Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:14 pm

:cs Master Blaster Darko!

Sick Album bro

Pure Psycho :super

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