BlueSpike - Dirty Disco EP (Psychedelic Dance Records)PSD005

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We have a pulse!
We have a pulse!
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BlueSpike - Dirty Disco EP (Psychedelic Dance Records)PSD005

Post by stryder » Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:47 pm

Proud to present the newest Psychedelic Dance Records release!

This time it's a short EP from Belgian darkpsy producer BlueSpike! With already lots of live performance and party organizing experience, BlueSpike brings 4 fresh tunes out of his own catalogue, ranging from twisted forest psytrance (Mushroom Madness) to brutal darkpsy and mentally deranged psycore sounds. High in BPM's and haunting leads, this insane party music was built around vocal samples sampled from the UK TV series Skins, and their extensive hallucinogenic sound manipulations are sure to haunt you ever after listening this EP!
It will be available for download on Halloween's Eve for just €4!!!


Artist: BlueSpike
Release: Dirty Disco
Format: Digital; mp3, aac, ogg, flac, alac
Tracks: 4
Total Length: 31:37
Style: Psytrance, Dark Psytrance, Forest Psytrance, Psycore
Preview sampler:
Release Date: 31/10/2011 on

01. BlueSpike - Mushroom Madness (148 bpm) 07.53
02. BlueSpike - Born Backwards (152 bpm) 07.44
03. BlueSpike - Fuckin' Future (164 bpm) 07.40
04. BlueSpike - Dirty Disco (170 bpm) 09.00

Release notes

All tracks written and produced by BlueSpike @ BlueSpike Homestudio.
Mastering @ Beavernest Atop Studios by Stryder
Coverart by BlueSpike.

All of these tracks feature samples from the TV-series Skins (original U.K. version).
These tracks were all made somewhere in 2011.
The first track was completely inspired by a certain episode of Skins which I tried to turn into a forest track, trying to turn the madness of the episode into music.
The second track was made around the sample in the beginning, again a quote from the character Effy, in this track I tried to express her persona in music.
The third track I started when I lost my dear cat Garfield, who was one of the best friends I ever had. At that moment everything seemed fucked up and I needed a way to express my anger, frustration and sadness towards this, so that's why this is a faster, more twisted and more aggressive track.
The last track I wanted to make something funkier, a bit twisted as well, and because this title explains how I view my music, I made this the title of the EP as well

I would like to thank all of my friends, especially Cousses, Fem, Johnny, Laur, Lisa, Lot, Ruben, Sander, my beloved Garfield (R.I.P.) and last but not certainly least my Mom and Grandma for all the support.
And big up to Cookie, Phazur, Syntrax Error, Stryder and Yuu Rei for all the tips and tricks throughout the years.


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