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-Z- (Alpha & Antagon)- Gospodin (Sangoma)

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:46 pm
by Sangoma/Timecode
Artist: -Z- (alpha & antagon)
Album: Gospodin
BPM: 150 - 170
Label: Sangoma Records
Mastering: Tim Schuldt, 4CN-Studios

Release-Date: Dec 2011
Genre: Modern Psychedelic Trance (Dark Psychedelic Trance)


01. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / Intro / 1:29
02. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / Dunkel Beer / 7:10 / 150bpm
03. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / Crying Dutchman / 7:30 / 153bpm
04. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / Che / 6:55 / 154bpm
05. -Z- (alpha & antagon) vs_Paratox / Traumtrottel / 7:01 / 156bpm
06. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / Tralala / 6:31 / 158bpm
07. -Z- (alpha & antagon) vs Cosmo / Piss Off / 6:15 / 170bpm
08. -Z- (alpha & antagon) vs Kindzadza / Gospodin / 6:45 / 158bpm
09. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / Bela Lugosi´s Dead / 7:21 / 156bpm
10. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / Bad Man / 7:22 / 154bpm
11. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / La Flauta / 6:54 / 153bpm
12. -Z- (alpha & antagon) / Reprise / 3:09

Sangoma records are well pleased to release the 2nd album from the German duo -Z- (Alpha & Antagon), who have a rich musical background & have been in the scene for decades now. They have played at some of the biggest festivals and underground events around the planet like Ozora, Boom ,Vuuv, Universo Paralello & Psycrowdelica among many others.

Modern and well produced night time music with a musical and experimental touch, the sound is definitely cutting edge and is loaded with new influences, visuals for the mind and surprises in every corner fitting like a perfect soundtrack to the actual Zeitgeist of resistance and protest.

This concept album contains 12 tracks which build a story in the shape of a diamond- starting small on the top with the -Intro-, getting high in the middle with Cosmo -Piss Off- and going back to the ground with -Reprise- adding new influences like EBM & Industrial along the way and resulting in modern night time psytrance.

The intro is the start of the musical journey with extraordinary atmospheres. Containing the lyrics by Bertolt Brecht from his dadaistic phase,it could not be vocalized better than by Klaus Kinski.
The track "Che" pays homage to the great revolutionary from Argentina. His words from 1962 and the traditional song's chords are fused to a modern hymn to dance to.
Collaborations with unique underground artists like Kindzadza ("Gospodin"), Paratox ("Traumtrottel") and Cosmo ("Piss Off") add extra spice to the -Z- Formula.

The remix of Bauhaus´"Bela Lugosi´s Dead" from the 80s shows another musical side of -Z- (alpha & antagon).
The album "Gospodin" gives the listener a lot of space to rock, dance or simply listen to which is a big step forward in the project´s development.
Their live presentations will continue as well, with extra versions of the tracks & instrumental additions sometimes involving guest-musicians such as Johann Bley (drums) and Tim Schuldt (guitar), who also mastered this release.

The only good system is a sound system !

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Re: -Z- (Alpha & Antagon)- Gospodin (Sangoma)

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:31 am
by Sangoma/Timecode
Out next week ! dec 21st :)
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Re: -Z- (Alpha & Antagon)- Gospodin (Sangoma)

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:22 am
by Sangoma/Timecode
Its out now ... !!! get your copy here ... sp?id=8933" onclick=";return false; ... nd+ANTAGON" onclick=";return false;)/Gospodin+/detail.aspx

and other online shops

Re: -Z- (Alpha & Antagon)- Gospodin (Sangoma)

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:44 pm
by Triplag Webradio
Great release guys!! thank you!

Here is the interview with Andre and Lars on Alpha Source show announcing CD release

Re: -Z- (Alpha & Antagon)- Gospodin (Sangoma)

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:12 pm
by Plasma Force
Fun to listen to all you guys laugh on the interviews xD i get a charge out of that every episode

8) :drinks

Re: -Z- (Alpha & Antagon)- Gospodin (Sangoma)

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:29 am
by vic
:D it is fun to record the show too!