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2to6 Records presents ELECTRYPNOSE - Bloomy Trap (OUT NOW)

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:00 pm
by 2to6 Records
Hello Folks,

We at 2to6 Records are happy to announce the latest album by ELECTRYPNOSE...
Bloomy Trap is a collection of the latest night time trance tracks produced and remastered in the fresh built studio E7.
Available in most digital music shops.

Electrypnose - Bloomy Trap
Label : Electrypnosis Media/2to6 Records
Mastering : E7 Studio
Release date : 02.04.2012

There's something beautiful and inviting about discovering beauty in that which is often perceived to portray darkness...
This latest album, with a number of collaborative tracks, offers a unique combination of technique and direction which offers endless experiences for the unraveling of one's own mind...

Tracklist :

01 - Electronic Pirate (vs 3P Rate)
02 - Le Cri du Donanubis
03 - Take a Turn (rmx)
04 - Module Matrix
05 - Fulguropoing
06 - A Week in the Cave (vs Airi)
07 - Bubbling Numbers (feat Terranoise)
08 - Introspectrip
09 - Un tour à L'asile
10 - Astropotus (vs XaBBu)

Thx for your time & interest!
Oli & 2to6 Records :super

Re: 2to6 Records presents ELECTRYPNOSE - Bloomy Trap (OUT NO

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:06 pm
by Plasma Force
:D exciting