[EP] Cyko - Illusions (Psybertribe Records) - OUT NOW!

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[EP] Cyko - Illusions (Psybertribe Records) - OUT NOW!

Post by Cyko » Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:24 am

Artist: Cyko
Title: Illusions
Label: PsyberTribe Records
Genre: Psytrance/Dark psytrance
Date: August 31, 2012
Format: FLAC/WAV/MP3
Length: 38:09


This digital EP release from PsyberTribe Records, San Francisco, marks the debut arrival of 'CYKO'...

'Cyko' is a fresh, dark psychedelic trance project by Pelle Sundin, born in 1992 from Gothenburg, Sweden. Since he was the age of 13, he enjoyed metal & death metal music, and played in several bands as a drummer. He discovered the world of 'trance' and psychedelic trance music around the age of 15, but missed the heavier aspects of the music he found in the metal and death metal genre he loved so much. It was also during this time that he discovered dark psychedelic trance; dark, twisted and heavy, exactly the kind of trance he had been looking for - it immediately resonated with him and became his favorite genre of music....He has been interested in producing his own music since the end of 2008 and learned the basics fast. Soon this project took form.

PsyberTribe Records proudly present this amazing talent and looks forward to bringing you the final versions of these twisted and fun tracks, very shortly. We see and hear the creative visions behind this hypnotic sound shaman, welcoming him with open arms and stomping feet...

"There are many grand illusions present in the world. We have been deceived our true nature; caught in our socially constructed ways and views of life. It is time to break free and unveil our unlimited power and possibilities.

"Illusions" is a journey through consciousness and our delusional concepts, giving a glimpse to the secrets of our being. The tracks of 'Cyko' contains a lot of surprises, packaged within heavy, blasting basslines,fused together with brain-twisting leads and haunting atmospheres.Enjoy the ride~!"


01. Cyko - Surreal Scenery (150 BPM)
02. Cyko - Power of Mind (153 BPM)
03. Cyko - Fractal Cave (153 BPM)
04. Cyko - Trapped (153 BPM)
05. Cyko - Parvati Valley (150 BPM)

All tracks written and produced by: Pelle Sundin, aka Cyko, Sweden.
Mastering by: Tom Arahat (PsyCircle, SD).
Distributed by: PsyberTribe and DistElectronic

Available at:

D-A-R-K.net (FLAC)
DJ Download
DJ Shop.at
DJ Shop.de
DJ Shop.ch
Juno Download
Vinyl Distribution.nl
Vinyl Distribution.co.uk
Vinyl Distribution.com

More information can be found on Psybertribe Records Facebook page:


New website and full release info coming shortly.

PsyberTribe Records

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