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Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 10:48 am
by Kalilaskov_AS
Release from friends
Blitz Studios

Hysteria - Unreal Emotions

Hysteria - Shambala'n'Rock

Hysteria VS Kalilaskov AS - Neuro Ninja [Remix]

Hysteria - Recreation

Maximus - Small Ballad

Maximus - Tam Tittie Tam

Maximus VS LAB - Portorusso Psychopusso

Maximus - Looney Modem

Hysteria & Maximus - Tears of the Forest

Maximus VS Hysteria VS Fobi - FHM Illustrated

The release is titled CONCRESCENCE (a term taken from the writings of our dearest Terence Mckenna, who in turn had borrowed it from the very clever Alfred North Whitehead). It represents a growing together of psychedelic and cosmic potentials and aims to serve as a therapeutic vehicle for your third eye cleansing. The two talented men leading this psy expedition are HYSTERIA (Oleg Taraskin) and MAXIMUS (Maksim Khapaev), both from Moscow. This album expertly provides a journey from some of the lighter dawn/forest to some of the heavier darkpsy sounds. The bpm speed range is healthy around 150+ bpm, not too slow but not unnecessarily fast either. While being Russian at heart and Australian down under, as the label itself is, this release certainly lives up to its name and remains very international: quality Russian mastering by SYNCMASTERS is reinforced with the help of the label's friends from Israel (KALILASKOV AS), Macedonia (FOBI), and Portugal (LAB) who are all participating in this release. The album's original artwork is from Finland, and graphic design is from Russia.