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2TO6 Records presents - SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO - Retaliation -

Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 10:23 am
by 2to6 Records
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Cat Nr : 2TO6DR016
Release Date : 22-05-2014
Compiled by : Signal2Noise Ratio
Mastering : Ingo-Xabbu @ Otherland Studio
Artwork :
Distribution : BelieveDigital/2TO6 Records

2TO6 Records proudly presents the debut ep "RETALIATION" developed by the psychedelic trance project


...containing three high quality tracks created to transform SIGNALs into a series of intense, confused and psychedelic sounds...

...Inspired and conducted by the NOISEs of global maladjustment and the voices of the voiceless...
SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO┬┤s aim is to create awareness about failures of this system & society we live in...
...Surrounded by sounds that may cause disturbance in the listeners┬┤ predefined perception and spread enhancement of consciousness within a powerfull danceable structure...

...The quantitative relation between deep atmospheres and intelligent structures results in a perfectly balanced RATIO of ravishing grimness and high perceptible suspense!


01 Retardation - 148 BPM
02 Retrovez - 150 BPM
03 Respect - 153 BPM

all tracks written and produced by SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO (Oli-Gargamel & Alfredo-Matakana)

"A true shaman has to be an Anarchist!"
- Terence McKenna -

Preview & Purchase HERE: ... 6&s=albums ... -2to6dr016 ... etail.aspx


2TO6 Records

Re: 2TO6 Records presents - SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO - Retaliation

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:59 pm
by 2to6 Records

Re: 2TO6 Records presents - SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO - Retaliation

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:37 am
by 2to6 Records
...Watch this short video in which dj VEGAN CAKE is playing our track "Respect" available on our latest release, the "RETALIATION" ep @ DMT ( Digital Mind Travel ) France 31/05/2014)...

thx a lot for the support, Dj Vegan Cake... ...

:axe: :mrgreen: