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Urban Antidote Records Presents: VA Modulating Architects |

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:17 am
by urban antidote
Urban Antidote is been working on the next physical release, “Modulating Architects” a carefully selection of futuristic night time psychedelic music.
We are proud of the final work, and we are proud to present you one of the most intense collections so far done by Urban Antidote.


01.Digital Abstract - Darkling Numbers 152bpm
02.Signal2Noise Ratio vs Malkaviam - Incubus 154bpm
03.Biophotons - Deceptive Egos 149bpm
04.Drury Nevil - Psychedelic Experience 150bpm
05.Antonymous - Vortex of Thoughts 152bpm
06.Tromo - Beyond Sanity 154bpm
07.Kerosene Club vs Stranger - Faulty Wires 154bpm
08.Greenix - Can you Believe It 150bpm
09.Paul Karma - Voices of Unreason 152bpm
10.TerraTech - Monkey Valley 150bpm

.: Bonus Track | Digital Download :.
Rawar - Obscurity 150bpm

Compiled by TerraTechand Amazon

.: Artwork :.

.: Mastering Services :.
Drumatik Sonderr Studio (Switzerland)

.: Distribution :.

.: Release Date :.
17September 2015