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Yata-Garasu - Enter The Void (2nd solo album) out now !

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:46 pm
by yata-garasu
We are Extremely Happy to present you this new amazing album that topped the goa gill charts !


The Yata-Garasu project started in 2004 in Belgium by a talented individual named Paul Hoeylaerts. Having released his first full length album a few years back on JellyFish Frequency Recordings he is now back with his second full length production which is sure to blow your minds 3rd eye and release some serious emotions with "Enter the Void".

1.Juvia 06:49
2.Via Infinito 07:34
3.Totoro 06:54
4.Side Effects 07:05
5.On a Distance Shore 07:01
6.Harmony in Discord 06:53
7.Salvation Promised 07:15
8.All Creation 07:22
9.Enter The Void 06:4

► DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: https://quantumdigitsrecordings.bandcam ... he-void-lp
► PHYSICAL COPY [Limited Edition] (Contact Us in Private)

► Shamanic Poetry by Mystical Voyager (Visionary Shamanics)
An eternal cycle whoever is born will die, life's preparation for deaths moment surprise, illuminating rainbow rays through all subtle selves, in geometric symmetry kaleidoscopic displays, multitudes of spiraling gnarly fractal tunnels play, suddenly whole life flashes by in a timeless instant, intermittent multiple perspectives of all occurances, consciousness expansions unlimited unbounded, self judging karmic actions choices reflective test, float through shamanic tunnels to pure awareness, mighty manga characters god's and godesseses, demons guardian angels and ancestral presences, flying through many dream gate portals essential, travelling via interdimensional celestial temples, variety of planes souls voyage multidimensional, silent unnameable beyond language unknowing, sourcefield of phenominal existence is flowing, philosophical concept of nothingness manifested, interconnected with whole of cosmos resonated, paradox created form within emptyness within form, dream through the bardo states to be reborn.

► Disc Info
Title: Enter the Void
Label: Quantum Digits Records (Morocco/Canada)
Mastering: Zen Studio
Cover Design: Steve Willis
Shamanic Poetry By Mystical Voyager At Visionary Shamanics Records

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Re: Yata-Garasu - Enter The Void (2nd solo album) out now !

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:37 am
by 2to6 Records
congratulations, Yata-Garasu & Quantum Digits! :mrgreen: