Jikkenteki - The Beginning Is At The End [EKTLP06] Free in M

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3plaĞ connected!
3plaĞ connected!
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Jikkenteki - The Beginning Is At The End [EKTLP06] Free in M

Post by Basilisk » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:32 pm

It's not darkpsy but it IS mostly dark... maybe you guys will like it :)


01 :: Blindsided (100 BPM)
02 :: Forgotten, But Not Gone (100 BPM)
03 :: False Hope (120 BPM)
04 :: Recon-Figure (147 BPM)
05 :: Default To Zero (120 BPM)
06 :: Self Destructing Mechanism (120/147 BPM)
07 :: Some Things Last Forever (110 BPM)

Ektoplazm and PAR-2 Productions are proud to present The Beginning Is At The End, the third studio album by Jikkenteki (Rennis Buchner). Building on the unique and individual style heard on The Long Walk Home and Flights Of Infinity, this seamlessly mixed concept album is a dark, introspective, and moody opus infused with considerable emotional depth and artistic maturity. Although it is primarily a downtempo album, the heavy industrial undertones and occasional excursion into unusual psychedelic trance experiments make this a completely original production. Mastered by Akhentek at Ilum Studios, B.C. Artwork by Alexander Synaptic with photography at Kiki AKA Keely Chu’s studio in Kensington Towers, Toronto.

Download it for free in MP3/FLAC/WAV or purchase it on CD direct from Ektoplazm:
http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jik ... t-the-end/

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Sir PsyCelot
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Post by Sir PsyCelot » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:28 am

Looking good...downloading. :drinks

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