first time poster, help me develop my psy style/technique

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no beats in this soul ;(
no beats in this soul ;(
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first time poster, help me develop my psy style/technique

Post by dataPure » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:01 am

hi guys, so my roommate has been hassling me to post some stuff i've been working on, i recently moved in with him and some friends and we've been trying to get more productive. but i haven't posted much of it anywhere and he insisted i post it on here so here goes.... keep in mind i've been doing electronic music for a while so i'm not just starting here, just starting to develop my own feel for psy. ... 0-rev4.mp3 ... 0-rev2.mp3 ... -23-10.mp3 ... -09-10.mp3

some are coming together as songs, some are just riffs where i'm trying out different ideas, none are particularly finished. the dates indicate when they were started, the modification date on the files themselves will probably indicate when that render was, as i've been working on some of these.

i'm a sound engineer for a living so please no holds barred technical critique if you can, i'm very self critical and although i feel like my technique/s and style is developing i think some other input would definitely help me develop further... especially with things like hats and beats in general, i feel like i'm good at getting a good slew of different sounds overall in these riffs but just driving pounding beats i can't seem to nail. also this is all pretty much ableton as a host, rewire for some of the beats, synths are all mostly vsts, some of the beats are also done with ableton sampler/drum rack.

anyways yeah i'll take any sort of input, the more technical the better.
cheers - dataPure

ps - as a side note i'm also into visuals and shit, i think only one of these vids has any psy in it but i'm eventually going to be integrating some of these patches/etc. into my psy. so if you're into visuals check this out. f@#king WORD

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Post by Plasma Force » Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:28 pm


Dude, this is freaking killer! I don't see anything wrong with it at all!

I'd like to see you move froward and hopefully have some releases ahead

Wicked Vibes

Seth :bangin

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